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In Juarez's industrial area, a shift of female employees is getting off work at a factory and piling onto a bus. Unfortunately, one of the workers misses the bus, so it looks like she's going to be reduced to walking. Also, this worker is Eva Guerra. Hey, Linder, she's over here! Fortunately for her -- or extremely unfortunately, as it will no doubt transpire -- an unseen guy in a red sedan pulls up next to her and offers her a ride, almost as though he was waiting for someone to miss the bus. She declines, but after checking her watch, decides to take him up on it after all. We get a nice good look at the Texas plates (4L3 RQ1) as they pull away and out of focus and into whatever miserable fate awaits her.

Cross is at the repair yard, expecting the guy who works there to fix her dead sister's truck, which of course got totaled when David Tate T-boned the Crossmobile and nabbed Gus right out from under her. It looks like it's been a while, because the lacerations on her face are all healed. He tells her she could buy a new one for less than the repairs would cost, and she angrily snaps -- waving her still-bandaged hand around -- that she wants this one. "Lady, I got good hearing," he informs her reasonably. Wade pulls up in his own truck and Cross loudly complains that the mechanic he recommended is not only useless but stubborn as well. "He is?" Wade asks pointedly. Then he gently reminds her, "It was her car. It is not her."

Cross turns and bounces her back against the side of Wade's truck for a minute like the sullen teen she becomes at moments like this, until Wade asks her to finish this up so they can go meet with the D.A. Cross goes back to her sister's truck and leans in with her arms inside the open (or smashed) passenger window for a long moment, and asks the mechanic to extract the cassette from the tape deck, where it's been stuck since at least before the pilot. "That I can do," he cheerfully agrees. Cross reaches inside and tearfully retrieves the dream catcher and the horse pendant from the rear view mirror where they've no doubt been hanging for the last fifteen years, and tells the interior of the cab, "Bye." Connections aren't easy for her, obviously, so it's that much tougher when one ends. Even if it's with an inanimate object.

Wade says that the prosecutor hasn't been able to reach Ruiz, and Cross hasn't either. "We need him to show up," Wade says, obviously. Seems like Ruiz would be a key witness. Cross has barely finished saying she's Ruiz called eleven times before the mechanic delicately hands her the tape, as well as a small handful of magnetic spaghetti dangling from its case. She stands there holding the sad totem like it's her sister's heart with several yards of the circulatory system still attached, then admits to Wade that she misses Ruiz. "That's good," Wade says, and suggests she go see him. Remember how well that worked out last time? Cross basically says as much, but Wade says it's been over a month, so now we have our timeline. "People stop calling, checking in. Gets pretty lonely." "I remember," Cross says, and after trying to wind some of the tape back in, she asks if she should bring pastries. "There you go," Wade says approvingly. I'm thinking that it would go even more smoothly if she were to bring Wade.

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