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Linder complies, walking all the way over to his trash-burning barrel before Cross actually steps into the trailer. The place does seem fairly well and responsibly stocked, the bars on the windows notwithstanding, and when Cross exits again, Linder explains, "I burn those things so they can't be tracked." Cross asks about the next stop on Linder's little underground railroad. "Safe house," is all he says. Cross asks why he does it. "'Cause I can," he says. Probably because of how he's so trustworthy-looking. Cross says that Linder's story is pretty unusual. "Yeah, but not illegal," he says. Well, what about the part where he's smuggling undocumented Mexican nationals across the border? That seems a bit illicit. Cross asks why Linder referred to Eva as his bride earlier when she wasn't. "Because I am bound to her," he non-answers. As for whether Eva reciprocates his feelings, Linder says, "You'd have to ask her." How enlightened of him.

Cross asks if there's a chance she just went back to her boyfriend. "No, not really," Linder says, without mentioning how he crushed said boyfriend's skull with an iron not twenty yards away from Cross's former partner, and then used said boyfriend to radically modify the hood of his car. Linder vows to keep looking for Eva, "Tirelessly until I find her. But I think law enforcement would be helpful." Cross says she's not a Juarez cop. Gosh, if only she knew one. "The car that picked her up had Texas plates," Linder points out. "Help me find her." Unfortunately, it's not really all that unusual for women to be picked up in Juarez by cars with Texas plates, thanks in part to Linder himself.

Mendez is carting Frye -- alert and conscious, with one arm in a cast -- around the grounds of the hospital in a wheelchair, and you'll be shocked to hear that he's bitching about it endlessly. She tells him he's ready to start learning to wheel himself around, and when he argues that the chair is only temporary, she says she's not planning on pushing him around in the meantime. "I feel shitty," he whines. Mendez points out that the hospital is depressing and he needs to come back to work. Frye rests his head on one hand and offers to tell her what he was thinking while he was plummeting to almost-certain death. "Check me out, I'm Superman?" she guesses. Nope, he thought, "Don't let me die. I want to live." Mendez points out that he did, but now he's wondering for what. "Life is short and I've already wasted so much of mine. I don't recommend it, by the way." Yeah, Rasputin, but you seem to have several of them.

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