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She parks his chair and sits down to say that she saw him fall. "It was scary as shit." "It was pretty scary from my point of view too," Frye agrees. She says she's glad he's alive, and he mocks, "You love me. You just wanna have my babies." Mendez disengages his parking brake and starts walking, saying, "See you back there." Frye hollers after her that he was kidding. "Hey, I only got one arm!" So he'll be circling back, then.

Cross is pitching Linder's case to Wade in his office while compulsively repairing the cassette that the mechanic retrieved from the Crossmobile's tape deck. Both tasks are pretty uphill, and Wade points out that they'd need somebody in Juarez to work this with. Cross is ahead of him on that, but not that far ahead. "He told you to leave him be," Wade points out. Yes, after Wade sent her there. Cross insists that Ruiz would care about this case. "And he really needs to get back to work." Wade wishes her luck and asks her how the motor pool car is working out for her. "Doesn't have a tape deck," she gripes.

But right now, Cross doesn't have a tape. Wade puts on his hat, takes a pencil off his desk, and shows Cross how she can wind the spool using the eraser. She gratefully takes it back as Wade says his wife Carmen has been wondering when Cross is going to visit. "Soon," she blows him off. Wade says he plans to hold her to it and leaves for the day with an even-more-fatherly-than-usual "Nighty night," just as she finishes winding the rest of the tape back into the cassette. She seems pretty satisfied with herself, though if memory serves that tape was horrible.

It's nighttime in Juarez, and Eva Guerra has just shown up at the police station. She's escorted by a uniformed officer who ushers her in through the gates, despite her protests that she doesn't want to make a report. "You said in the hospital that he locked you up," the officer says. "That's very serious." As they walk by the camera, we can see scratches on her upper chest, so serious sounds about right. The officer leads her into the building and ushers her into a dirty holding cell with a blanket whose piss-stink is just about visible in HD. "Just for a while," he promises when she understandably hesitates. Apparently having learned nothing during her recent ordeal, she steps inside. And the officer locks her in there, for her protection I'm sure.

Cross finds Ruiz getting his drunk on at his local bar, still wearing Gus's hoodie. She says she needs his help. He barely lifts his head off the bar enough to finish his drink and tell the bartender to get her out of there. Undaunted, Cross tells her about Eva Guerra and how she's been missing for three days. "She's a menace. She shot me," Ruiz adds. Eva shot Ruiz? Oh, no, he means Cross. Which is true. He's all, "A missing girl in Juarez? Oh my Gaaahd. 'Look, Marco, I have this little glass here, let's empty the ocean with it.'" So jaded just because his kid died and he's lived his entire life immersed in a culture of corruption and violence. Cross insists that he cares about the girls, however. Ruiz announces that he's going to the only place she can't follow him, presumably the hombres' room, in which case he doesn't know her that well at all.

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