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Cross Pollination
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A week after we saw it about to happen, Charlotte finally gets that rickety door in the creepy cellar of the abandoned cottage open. The room beyond looks dark and dirty and small, and bordered at the back by filthy, heavy curtains. And beyond those, the narrow room just keeps going on, indefinitely into the dark. Because it's a tunnel. Charlotte asks Cesar where it leads, Well, Charlotte, I bet if you follow it, you'll find either a lamppost and a talking lion… or a lot of people who speak Spanish. Sure enough, Cesar tells her it goes all the way into Mexico. I guess he felt like he could tell her that part instead of showing her. Apparently a Weeds fan, Charlotte asks if her late husband Carl was running drugs. "No, señora, illegals," Cesar says, turning away like this is the end of it.

But Charlotte insists on seeing it for herself and after a pause, Cesar produces a flashlight for her and follows her in. She wonders who else knows about it, and Cesar says nobody but Carl. Well, except the people who came through it, presumably. And possibly someone else (spoiler!). Cesar doesn't even know who's on the other side, and is starting to get skittish about being down there at all. But Charlotte presses on, and they soon come upon an altar to one side of the tunnel, complete with a Virgin Mary statue and a skeleton wearing a shawl prostrated near it. Like one of those charming Day of the Dead figures or calacas, only way too realistic and creepy. She's pretty unnerved, especially when Cesar explains that it's an altar commemorating the death of someone who perished down here. She rushes back out of the tunnel to the cellar and orders Cesar to board it up, ignoring his objection that he doesn't think it's a good idea. Indeed, something tells me it's going to take more than boards.

A truck hauling a livestock trailer barrels down the road. The trailer is filled with cattle, as well as a dozen humans who clearly don't know about the tunnel. It's pretty obvious they've been smuggled into the U.S. somehow or another, though it's hard not to picture anybody peeking through the holes in the trailer at the border crossing. A young woman now peeks out of those holes and tries to warn the others that they're going the wrong way, only to be ignored. So of course she's right. The driver stops in the middle of the desert, shoos them all out of the trailer with shotgun in hand, and tells them they're hoofing it from here. One of the men strenuously objects, only to receive an offer to have his brains scattered all over the desert. Despite this, he soon ends up in a scuffle with the driver, knocking his gun aside and straddling the driver's unconscious body. He's about to smash the driver's skull with a cantaloupe-sized rock when the undocumented Cassandra picks up the shotgun, pumps it and orders him to put it down. She says the Border Patrol will be coming, and it wouldn't be good if they were to find a body here. The group's self-appointed defender takes the group's money out of the unconscious driver's pocket, and she says she's going to Houston. Most of the group starts walking with her, but the two oldest members of the group walk over to hang out in the shade of the truck. That's going to be awkward for them when the driver wakes up. And possibly awkward for the rest of the group when the Border Patrol asks them where their friends went. "Certainly not Houston," they'll say.

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The Bridge




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