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Cross Pollination

Meanwhile, in Ruiz's bed, he's got the case file open in his lap, telling his wife what he learned about Christina, over a year after she turned up dead but who is now so important to him since the other half of her turned up spliced onto a dead American judge. It seems Christina came to Juarez for legitimate work, but ended up as a prostitute instead. His wife has heard it before, but it seems as if it's starting to get to Ruiz. When she tells him that everyone gets their comeuppance -- meaning it's not really their problem -- Ruiz says he doesn't believe in that. "I have a bad feeling about this case," he adds. She asks about the "gringa" and whether she's pretty. "Different," Ruiz shrugs. In other words, yes, and she knows it. She makes him put away the file and as they snuggle before sleep, she's got some news for him: she's pregnant. He freaks for a minute, given that he's still sore down there, but then laughs ruefully and asks how they'll manage with the space they have. She assures him they'll be fine, and snuggles in contentedly. Ruiz looks considerably less relaxed. I hope he kept the receipt on that vasectomy.

It's morning, and someone who's visible only from the knees down brings a dozen or more empty plastic milk jugs out to a spot in the desert, carrying them with short ropes strung through the handles. The jugs are set down next to what looks like a circular pile of dark stone somewhere in the middle of the desert. And scene.

At the station, Cross is annoying Wade by continuing to stare at the crime scene pictures, zooming in and insisting that there's something there. She mentions that she plans to go back there with Ruiz today. He asks her if she was at this all night. "Not all night. I had sex," she says matter-of-factly. He shakes his head, saying he doesn't need to know that. "Did you at least dance with the fella first?" he asks, because that he needs to know. She looks up at him with an expression that's almost a smirk. The moment won't last, however, because Kitty arrives and slaps down the morning edition of the El Paso Times, whose front page has "the killer's message verbatim," as Wade puts it, printed in its entirely. He glowers at Cross and demands, "How'd he get this?" as though he doesn't know. She raises her hand like a reluctant grade-schooler and admits to having played it for Frye. Wade storms over to Cooper, rudely interrupting his yogurt break and orders him to start tailing Frye immediately. A little late for that, Wade. "Like a hair on a biscuit," Cooper says, heading out. There's another one for the collection of colorful regionalisms. Cross apologizes miserably to Wade, but he reins in his temper and says it's okay. He even bumps her shoulder with his and says, "Just check with me next time." So she's not only not really in trouble, she got a shoulder-bump out of the deal.

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