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Cross Pollination

Remember the water jugs we saw someone carrying? They're full now, and it turns out that what they're next to is another altar in the middle of the desert. Spotting them, the group of fugitives and runs toward them and starts snatching them up. Most of them begin to drink, but just before Cassandra takes a gulp, she happens to get a closer look at the altar and sees that it's a life-size calaca, a standing skeleton staring out of its clothes and shawls into the desert. For some reason, this strikes Cassandra as such an ill omen that she warns everyone not to drink and starts dumping out water. "It shouldn't be here," she says, staring in fear at the statue as the others guzzle greedily. How does she know? I mean, she's right, but I don't know how she figured it out. I'm starting to suspect she's getting the next few pages of script before everyone else.

When Cross and Ruiz return to the El Paso station to show Wade the bead they found, he doesn't get the significance. Cross insists the killer left it for them to find. Kitty sticks her head in, saying, "There's a man here. He says he's responsible for the message." The three cops hurry out to the bullpen, where a scraggly-looking eccentric is listening to headphones with his back to them. Cross has to touch him to get his attention and he turns and creepily says, "Good to finally meet you," before making a rapid move for his pocket. Cross draws on him and Ruiz and Wade wrestle him down on a nearby table. They work well for two people who never tackled someone in tandem before. Wade "disarms" him, relieving him of what turns out to be his asthma inhaler. Which I think he probably needs especially badly now, considering. Maybe he shouldn't have gone out of his way to make such an upsetting first impression, though.

Cut to him sitting down with Cross and Ruiz. Apparently he's an actor, and the recording was work for hire, arranged anonymously through a P.O. box with recording instructions, and paid for with a money order. He doesn't say whether he altered the voice on his end or the killer did it in post, and the detectives don't ask. Ruiz wonders if the whole thing didn't seem strange to him, and the actor explains that he was told it was for an art installation, like they're in Austin or something. Cross wants to see the script and/or the letter, but he no longer has them. "Why?" Cross demands. "Recorded it three years ago," he says. Wow, how lucky for the killer that the murder statistics he refers to in the message didn't change in that time.

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