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Cross Pollination

For some reason, Cross plays him the message that was on the phone in his car. You remember how it goes, with the electronically disguised voice talking about the five murders a year in El Paso, the thousands in Juarez, etc. Frye looks more busted than he did when Ruiz mentioned the pills, but he claims not to recognize the words, so unconvincingly that I suspect he published them himself in an op-ed. "You two have your work cut out for you," he observes. They're still curious as to why the killer picked Frye, so he suggests they find out why the killer picked Frye and then he'll write the story. Cross and Ruiz figure this is getting nowhere, and as they leave the room, Frye says to Cross, "Oh, uh, for the record, officer, your bedside manner sucks dog balls." As soon as he's alone, he snatches up his notebook and starts scrawling down the message. So he didn't act that way because he recognized it, but because he was concentrating on memorizing it and pretending not to be totally stoked at getting it.

Back at her desk, Cross criticizes Ruiz for his bluff about searching Frye's place. "Lying's bad. He's not going to trust us now." Ruiz argues that you can't trust reporters anyway, which isn't really her point. Before they can pursue it, though, the phone from Frye's fake car-bomb buzzes again with a fresh media message. It's the same electronically disguised voice as before, but less strident this time. "Sorry about the drama. It's hard to make oneself heard these days," it says almost sheepishly. The voice continues, talking about Christina Fuentes's death lo these fourteen months ago, and the failure to investigate over some old cell phone footage of her in happier, more intact days. "Just another dead girl," the voice concludes. "Another pink cross. Another victim of the border." After they've played the message back for Lieutenant Wade in his office, Wade says, "Well, ain't that a well-stacked brick of cow shit." I do hope someone's collecting all the colorful little regionalisms that pop up in this show's dialogue. Wade and Ruiz both agree that the killer's only getting started, which is what he said in the first message, so that's not exactly a huge deductive leap. Cross announces that she's going to Juarez, even more abruptly than usual. Wade looks concerned, and Ruiz still thinks it's a bad idea like he did before, but Cross's mind is made up. And apparently neither her boss nor the person who will have to actually take her into Juarez has the sack to tell her no.

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