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Cross Pollination

Remember the dude with the skanky sideburns who drove a Mexican girl all the way to his trailer in the desert in the trunk of his Impala and did God knows what to her? We're back at his trailer, which he comes out of carrying two half-full but still heavy Hefty bags. He drops these into a steel drum, soaks them with lighter fluid, and drops a match in. While it burns, he takes Eva Guerra's ID out of his shirt pocket and drops it in as well after a moment's hesitation. Suddenly a cell phone rings -- and the call is coming from inside the barrel! No, it's going into the barrel, as burning layers of plastic and clothing are melting away to reveal the phone. So she had a phone with her the whole time? And it had reception? Not to blame the victim, but it seems like maybe she could have taken certain steps when she was locked alone in his trailer for hours. Unless she had no one to call or feared being caught more than she feared being killed. Whatever the case, her kidnapper snatches it out of the flames and watches the dancing-skeleton animation accompanying the ringing until it stops. He keeps the phone, which is something that will probably be very useful to anyone who comes looking for him or his victim.

Ruiz and Cross are in his car, with him slowly negotiating the backed-up traffic into the border crossing. He's just getting off the phone with his wife, telling her in English, "Sonya sends her regards." After he disconnects and tells Cross that his wife says hi, Cross points out that she did no such thing. "I don't even know her." Ruiz assures Cross she'll meet his wife. Probably because it's the only way Mrs. Ruiz will believe what her husband tells her about Cross. He explains that his wife is curious how they're getting along. "How are we?" Cross asks, probably in all sincerity. Ruiz says good… so far. Of course, he's the one doing all the work. Cross doesn't understand why Ruiz's wife called him in the first place. "Doesn't she know you're working?" Well, yes. "She just wanted to hear my voice," Ruiz says. I agree; it's a very good voice.

They arrive at the Juarez police station, which is almost like a military installation compared with its northern counterpart. "The white woman is with me," Ruiz tells the platoon of armed, masked guards letting them into the yard through the iron grate. Once inside the building, Ruiz and his female coworker show Cross the contents of an evidence box, Ruiz explaining that not everything in the box goes into the system. Ruiz seems especially interested in a hotel room key that's in there, which he acts like he's never seen before. Cross asks the coworker if she studied the case. "It's not my job," she says. Things get a little tense when Cross starts quizzing Ruiz's coworker on what she knows about the case, but Ruiz calms things down enough that she tells Cross what she knows. Namely, that the other victims in the death-house where Christina Fuentes was found were cartel killings. "Tortured, shot, and dumped," Ruiz says, showing Cross some grisly photos. "Just business." They were all killed at the same time, but Christina died a month earlier. Cross asks Ruiz what's in the box but not the system. After a tense moment, Ruiz shows her the death photo of a Rafa Galvan. "Fausto Galvan's brother," he says, like she should know who that is. Fortunately for all of us, there's a Wanted poster of Fausto Galvan on the bulletin board behind Cross, with the photo showing him sporting a flak jacket and an assault rifle. "So there was another body?" Cross asks. Ruiz explains that Rafa's body was removed from the morgue and the records of his death erased. "23 became 22." "I'm sorry, how does that happen?" Cross asks with skeptical annoyance. Ruiz explains that Fausto Galvan wanted it covered up. "He didn't want his rivals to have the satisfaction."

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The Bridge




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