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Cross Pollination

The increasingly desperate Mexican travelers from the beginning of the episode are making their way on foot across the dark desert, but it's slow going and they're running out of steam, figuratively. Cassandra confiscates their water bottles (actually repurposed plastic milk containers of varying sizes, because I guess Mexicans sneaking into the country don't generally go with the Nalgene), saying they'll need it later. But some of them keep drinking anyway. She seems to be the only one of the group with a brain in her head.

This must be Cross's home, which she has done up with homey touches like crime textbooks, crime scene photos, and the like. There are also some creepy impressionistic pastels taped to her fridge, showing shadowy figures looming threateningly over small blonde ones. We'll find out more about their provenance later, I presume. She fixes herself a bowl of noodles, pausing to feed her fish before settling down on her bed to re-watch the Christina Fuentes video on her laptop. As she wanders the apartment, she starts investigating a different type of mystery, specifically what she'll find if she sticks a hand down the front of her pants. Judging from her frustrated expression, nothing terribly interesting.

Ruiz is sitting on the bed with the young prostitute, who says she's sixteen. He's just shown her the picture of Christina Fuentes when her pimp comes rushing in, ready to rumble. Without even pulling out his badge, let alone his weapon, Ruiz beats him down and pins him to the bed until he says uncle (or possible the Spanish word for it) and offers him anything he wants, on the house. All Ruiz wants is to know about Christina. "She worked in this room before," the current occupant volunteers. What, when you were fifteen?

Cross apparently really wasn't doing it for herself, because she walks into a crowded bar where country music is playing. Some dude smiles at her; she smiles back, sort of, and he heads over to say hi. He asks if she's waiting for someone and if he can buy her a drink. The answer to the first question is no, but so is the answer to the second one, so he backs off. She chases him back down and demands, "Why'd you walk away? I just didn't want a drink." Now that they've settled that, I guess they can start over. So she asks, "Want to have sex with me? We could go back to my place." He thinks this a joke, but after making sure he isn't married, she repeats the offer and leads him out of there that very second without even giving him a chance to finish his drink. Oh well, he was going to buy her a drink and not finish that one either.

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The Bridge




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