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Cross Fire

Down amid the trailers, Cross asks why Childress has stopped talking, and offers to show herself again. Childress literally says, "I don't know, yeah, sure." So Cross steps out into the open, raising a hand to the house on the hill and asking, "Tell me why, Jack." Childress says, "Because I am the truth." Which just makes me think of what L.A. Reid likes to say to his favorite singers on The X Factor.. Their conversation, such as it is, continues in voice-over as Wade, Ruiz, and Cooper bust into the abandoned house. "El Paso Del Norte has been falsely split," Childress continues. "By borders. By cultures. By history." And how are those things all false? Cross says his actions won't change that. "I can try," Childress says. Cross asks if that's what he's been doing on his "missions," which seems to impress him. "Well, you know, parasite/host. Same thing." Uh, what?

Oddly, their discussion is not remotely interrupted by the cops searching the house -- because the suspect is not in there, almost like in Silence of the Lambs. Let's see how you like it, Ted Levine. When Cross asks Childress why he killed so many people, he says there's a war at the border and nobody knows about it. "I want the truth to come out." Up in the house, Ruiz has finally found the room that served as Childress's sniper nest, with the rifle left behind. From the window, he has a clear view of Cross standing out in the open, and God only knows where Childress is right now. Ruiz curses in Spanish and goes running down the hill, quickly followed by Wade and Cooper. Has everyone forgotten that Wade has discussed retirement out loud and is thus at higher risk of death than anyone? Yes, I know he's in the opening credits, but so were a lot of people who ended up getting killed on another show on this network that I like to call American Horror Story.

Cross tells Childress there's still time. "All institutions eat themselves eventually," Childress says. "You're smart. You know that." She's also smart enough to notice that she can hear Seabiscuit the runaway dog barking over the phone -- and nearby, at the same time. Which means Childress is close. When the dog runs past her, still barking, she draws her weapon and wheels around. "Hi there," Childress says to her over the nickel-plated revolver he's aiming right back at her at her. He's dressed like the Road Warrior or something, only dirtier. Which is to be expected when you're using your bathtub as a pharmacological landfill.

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The Bridge




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