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Cross Fire

Early in the morning, a shirtless Ruiz finds Cross on her already-made bed, going through call logs and stolen vehicle reports. As he gets dressed, he asks how long she's been up. I've also noticed that she seems able to function on minimal sleep. But rather than answering, she says that the killer got the fake cop car somewhere. Ruiz says it could have been anywhere, and that there's only so much information Cross can process. She asks if he has a better idea. "You like details," he observes blearily. "Just like the killer."

Cross doesn't take offense, saying that's how she works. Ruiz suggests she listen to her gut sometimes. This would require her to have one, so instead she's heading to the station to have another look at the car. She grumps at him about where he puts his coffee cup, and he tells her he's planning to head home and talk to Alma. Cross warns him that he's not getting back in there. "Your gut should tell you that," she smirks. Ruiz agrees that maybe he should find a hotel. "What's wrong with the couch?" she asks, to which he says nothing. After all, coming from Cross, that's the equivalent of throwing her arms around him and bawling, "Don't leave me!" Before she heads out, he slaps some cash down on her counter, I guess just to make the moment even more awkward. Then he clarifies that it's to pay her back for the flowers he bought for Kitty. Whoa, I thought it was going to get weird there for a minute.

There's a creepy patient's-eye view of an orthodontist's light. The goofy El Paso County Deputy, Manny Stokes, is getting his braces removed, not that I noticed them before in any of his previous episodes. Even with his mouth wide open, he can't resist shooting it off about his "case of a lifetime" that he can't actually tell her anything about. From his chair, he turns his head to look at a desert-scape hanging on her wall, and seems oddly transfixed by it. Almost as though it's a clue. Which would make it Stokes' first.


Ruiz is back at the house, begging Alma for mercy, saying it meant nothing to him. While Alma shuts him down, the camera slowly spins from a reflection of them in the kitchen, past the family photos on the wall, to them in the kitchen. Arty. She accuses of him sleeping not only with "that woman," but now with his partner. Ruiz is shocked at the very idea that he would have sex with Cross, though it's just as well that he doesn't say "Do Not Cross" in a Yoda voice. Alma probably isn't in the mood.

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