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Cross Fire

Cross looks past the file cabinets and bulletin boards and finds a thick book that appears to be a typed, bound, manifesto. "The Dialectics of El Paso Del Norte," Cross reads from the title page. "By Jackson Childress." And we know how the killer feels about dialectics, right? Okay, actually we don't, but it's a word that he's used before. Ruiz throws open a closet that contains a small arsenal -- assault weapons, grenades, and body armor -- and tells Cross, "This is our guy." I don't know why the armory closes the deal for Ruiz, given that the only gun we've seen the killer use is the one he didn't shoot Ruiz with. In fact, I don't recall the killer having shot anyone yet. Besides, it's not as though the killer has never used another person's car before in his crimes, right? Just ask Daniel Frye. This all just seems a little too easy, and not just because we're only in episode seven.

Alma and Kenny are taking yet another break outside their office, but this one is in an anonymous hotel room. So, I take it things are progressing on this front. Despite his obvious crush, Kenny seems a bit reticent, reminding her that she's married. "We could wait," he says. "Do it right." He suggests she get a divorce, which she says is complicated. "A little," he agrees. So she starts kissing him, and the next thing you know we're watching a dim reflection of the two of them grappling on the bed and undressing each other. So much for Kenny's resistance. Of course, being pregnant, Alma doesn't have a lot of time to waste. And it's not clear whether Kenny knows that or not yet.

Ruiz checks Childress's medicine cabinet, which is packed with pill bottles. But they -- and a large number of others -- look to have been emptied into the bathtub. Ruiz reaches into what looks like a hundred gallons of Good & Plenty and remarks to Cross, "I think he's off his meds." And probably pretty dirty, too.

Looks like he's also back on his property, as a dusty SUV rolls up outside. The driver, who is wearing a Bluetooth headset instead of a hood, mutters, "Aw, shit, cops." He can tell that by the nondescript Crossmobile? He reverses his vehicle and backs out of sight. Meanwhile, inside the house, Ruiz and Cross are none the wiser, just taking their time browsing the place, as though the man they suspect of having committed a baker's dozen of murders isn't liable to show up at any moment, armed to the teeth. I mean, backup, anyone? Ruiz is reading aloud from the manifesto's chapter on how Mexicans are actually extraterrestrials. He switches to Spanish to declare the asshole crazy, and I think this show is helping me learn the language because I understood that even without the subtitles.

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