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Out on the street, Galvan and Sarah are walking along -- he still in his sleeveless suit -- and she fluffs up his ego and goes off to look at shoes on her own. As soon as she's clear, Linder falls in behind her, and grabs her by the arm. "Don't be scared," he says, scarily, and tells her that her mother sent him. She remembers him from her QuinceaƱera and threatens that her boyfriend will kill him for talking to her. "Well, I'm sure that your boyfriend's a very scary person and he's welcome to try," Linder mush-mouths, "but you need to come with me." Quite a convincing case he makes, so imagine my shock when she sends him sprawling to the sidewalk with a bloody nose and a pissy mood. Sarah tells Linder to tell her mom to knock it off. "I am trying to help you," Linder insists. And apparently that's all it takes for her to come around, so she helps him up.

While they stare at each other, Galvan's SUV comes screeching to a halt nearby. Sarah loudly warns Linder in Spanish to run, also calling him an asshole, probably for Galvan's benefit. Galvan gets out -- once again rocking his usual look -- and raises his gun, but Sarah runs over and throws her arms around him, telling him everything's okay. He holds his fire, reluctantly. Meanwhile, Linder sprints down the sidewalk, weaving among the street vendors. Of course, since he and Galvan clearly recognized each other and Galvan knows where to find him, he's going to have to keep running indefinitely. But what am I saying? I'm totally sure that Fausto Galvan will be keen to avoid Calaca's mistakes now that he's about to be in the same position.

Wade is driving Cooper in his truck up the hill, past a mostly abandoned trailer park. He notes, "Chemical spill sent the sane ones running from the area about ten years ago." They come upon the SUV from earlier, now empty and parked in the lane, blocking further access. They get out to investigate, and while Wade watches the perimeter with his hand on his weapon, Cooper finds a rifle in the SUV's back window and registration papers for Jack Childress in the glove box. Wade tells Cooper to call Cross and Ruiz to come meet them here. This should also go well.

Daniel Frye is battling both the shakes and a Pop-Tart wrapper at the El Paso Times office when Mendez comes up to him, reporting that the cops are looking into Jack Childress. Despite his condition, Frye is still sharp enough to wonder about Childress's connection with Gedman, "or the shrink, or Marco Ruiz, body 23, me even?" Mendez admits that nobody knows yet, and Frye says there are "no coincidences with this guy." This is hilarious, because if there were really no coincidences on this show it would be fifteen minutes per episode.

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