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Cross Fire

Mendez says they need to go to Childress's house, so Frye tells her to go ahead. "I don't know if you've noticed but my brain ain't right. I can't write a sentence to save my life. I've got this mother of a headache. My body's basically giving me the middle finger for getting clean." Mendez suggests a doctor, but Frye doesn't expect to hear anything there that he doesn't already know. "Frye, this is the story," Mendez insists. This is something else he already knows. "It's your story now," he says. "Go get 'em, Tiger." Then he drops the half-open Pop-Tart on the floor, and she retrieves it, putting it on the counter for him. "Three-second rule," he says. "You can have it." Withdrawal has certainly put him in a giving mood.

Cross and Ruiz meet Cooper and Wade at the entrance gate to the trailer park, and they're all donning bulletproof vests. Wade directs them to pair up and search each trailer. "The last time we called the cavalry in, a little girl got killed," he reminds them, conveniently forgetting that the little girl in question was supposed to be in his and Cross's custody and they let her run off. He lends Ruiz a spare revolver with a gracious "De nada," and tells a scandalized Cross not to worry about it. But oops, Deputy Stokes rolls up. They're as thrilled to see him as always, which is none, but Cooper says, "Hey, Manny," and Wade smoothly relegates him to covering the entrance. Stokes is happy to have a role to play, and he draws his weapon and racks the slide, muttering to himself, "Time to shine." Good luck with that.

The first trailer door that Cross bangs on is answered by a large woman who says nobody else is inside. The woman calls after her yappy little dog Seabiscuit when it goes running off, but she complies when Cross tells her to get back inside and lock the door. Meanwhile, Wade and Cooper find themselves in a trailer where a man wearing nothing but a single sock (and not on his foot) is dancing spastically to his own homemade house music, which he has playing at high volume with his back to them. Cooper finds a baggie of white powder on the counter that he identifies to Wade as "bath salts." "Synth Dude," as the credits refer to him, turns around and comes charging at them but isn't too tweaked to pull up short and raise his hands when he realizes they're cops who are pointing guns at him. Not enough bath salts, I guess.

Coming out of another trailer, Cross and Ruiz are waylaid by Stokes, who proudly waves a bone saw he found in the abandoned truck. Which he probably shouldn't have been rooting around in the first place, 'course. At least he's wearing a rubber glove. Cross tells him to bag it and tries to get back to work. They soon find Wade and Cooper standing over Synth Dude, who is tied to a chair and threatening to eat their faces off. Man, I thought that was over. "That sock don't even cover your nutsack," Cooper informs him. "That's not him," Cross says, but apparently he did already tell Wade and Cooper that Childress ran through ten minutes ago.

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The Bridge




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