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Cross Fire

Synth Dude yells that Childress was headed for the north edge of the park, where the vacant trailers are, and where Childress apparently stays when he's having one of his frequent crazy days. "That psycho's armed," he adds, unlike the one who's speaking. Naturally, by the time the four cops reach the edge of the park, there's no one in sight. Wade figures it's too hot for Childress to get very far on foot, Ruiz frets that Childress might have a car waiting, and Cross says they might as well just call him on the phone. The guys doubt whether he'll answer, but Cross hopes he might consider this his big moment and be willing to talk. As she pulls her cell phone out of one of the pockets of her bulletproof vest (but not her microphone ear buds; no pocket for those, apparently), Deputy Stokes comes jogging up again, winded as fuck. Wade and Ruiz look at each other wearily as Stokes points out that he got his braces off today. "No, I did not notice," Ruiz says, and Wade wanders off to be… you know, anywhere else.

Wherever Cooper ambled to, maybe. So Ruiz is pretty much trapped there, listening to Deputy Dawg faff on about how while he was in the chair he had an epiphany. Except he doesn't know the word epiphany, so he calls it a daydream. Ruiz has no time for this and tries to walk away, but Stokes physically stops him and starts to say something about the killer going to all the trouble of the beads and the messages and what it means. But whatever is in his head never comes out…at least not the normal way. Instead, it comes out physically, as a rifle shot cracks across the trailer park and Ruiz's face gets liberally splashed with Stokes's cranial blood and scant brains. Yep, Childress took his shot. A gore-faced Ruiz crouches over the ragged, bloody hole where Stokes's face used to be, struggling to draw his borrowed weapon and cursing in two languages. I feel you Ruiz, but just imagine how Stokes's orthodontist is going to react.

Obviously it's pretty chaotic there after the ads, as the three El Paso cops converge on Ruiz and the body of Stokes. Ruiz tries to help Wade and Cooper drag Stokes out of the open, but Cross grabs Ruiz by the collar of his vest and hauls him to cover, leaving the body to her colleagues. It's like she knows what Childress is thinking, as he peers through his sniper scope saying, "White…brown," and then turning his gun to follow Ruiz. That's the only reason I can think of that Cross would rather save this guy she keeps screwing over rather than her mentor and father figure.

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The Bridge




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