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Cross to Bear

Wade looks around the parking lot all, "Hey, Gina!" like she accidentally wandered off at the county fair, but then seems to suddenly realize the gravity of the situation. A moment later he's running faster than I would have thought possible, dictating an APB into his phone as he goes. Cross is also searching, in a near-panic. As she runs past a parking ramp, she hears a scream and pulls up short, drawing her weapon. Inside, she quickly finds Gina alone, flat on her back in a parking space, with a big gory wound in her abdomen. "It was him," she chokes out.

Cross applies pressure, telling her to hang on, but it's no good. Gina's last words are, "I got the eyes right." (Which is, actually, not all that helpful). Cross freaks out, her hands covered with Gina's blood, while Wade arrives and stands over them helplessly, rather than even trying to call down the cavalry on a killer who can't be more than a block or two away. Finally he tries to get an arm around Cross, who screams, "Don't touch me!" Good lord, I can't believe they let this happen. One witness, and they let her wander off and get killed while she was supposed to be in their custody. The only question now is, will the show continue to follow the case or the characters after Cross and Wade get fired?

That night, Ruiz shows up at his house, asking Alma if he can come in and pick up a few things. She lets him in, coldly. He asks about the kids, and after a perfunctory answer, she says, "Get your things and get out." Ruiz heads back to the bedroom and collects a rolling suitcase and some clothes from the closet, draping the latter over one arm, still on their hangers, instead of bothering to put them inside the former, for reasons that will soon be apparent. Before leaving the bedroom, he notices that the bed is unmade -- on both sides. Wow, looks like I underestimated Kenny. Ruiz returns to the kitchen where she's waiting and starts to say something, but she cuts him off, not in any more mood to talk about her sex life than he was about his. "If we talk, I say when." Ruiz says okay, and walks out with the clothes and the suitcase. Before he closes the door, he says he just wants her to know he loves her. Alma doesn't bother dignifying that with a reply, closing and locking the door in his face. Kenny was right about something else: she is different.

Out in the yard, his cell phone rings. It's Cross, getting all Lady Macbeth with the blood on her hands in the station's break room sink as she reports, "Gina's dead. She ran from the restaurant and he got her." Ruiz asks who else knew Gina was with them. "Nobody," Cross says. "Her mother, the FBI, our people." (Which, actually, is kind of a lot). "He's watching us," Ruiz realizes. Come on, is it really such a leap to assume that the latest victim's daughter might be in protective custody? Even if the killer didn't know she'd witnessed the crime?

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