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Cross to Bear

Much as he did during the pilot, Ruiz pays another visit to a nice house, though this one quieter than the first. He still has to surrender his weapon and submit to a pat down.

Cross is also paying a visit, to the El Paso County Psychiatric Ward. After signing in, she ejects her clip from her weapon and leaves both at the security desk. Parallel! This must be the same visit that people keep advising Cross not to make, which means Ruiz's visit must also be a bad idea.

Yep: accompanied by several goons, Ruiz hauls that suitcase -- which I'm just now realizing is the one that belongs to Fausto Galvan -- through the house and back to the man himself. "Marco Ruiz," Galvan greets him. Ruiz puts the case up on a padded footstool and opens it up, showing Galvan the untouched cash still shrink-wrapped inside. So that's something else Ruiz never told his wife: that he had stashed a million dollars of a cartel boss's drug money in her bedroom in Juarez.

If she hears about that she'll let him move back in just so she can kick him out again. Galvan says he never expected to see the money again, but it doesn't look like he's in the mood for a joyous reunion. "It's the right thing to do, isn't it?" Ruiz asks. Galvan agrees, "But at the same time, it might be very stupid." Ruiz says, "Fausto, we've known each other a long time." They have? "You know I wasn't going to keep your money." Or his suitcase, which Ruiz could also use right now. Galvan seems offended at Ruiz's morality and pops out a big switchblade. "Now you're too good for the business our fathers started?" Both their fathers? Diplomatically, Ruiz just says they've taken different paths. Galvan uses the knife -- to slash the plastic on the cash -- telling Ruiz that nobody will ever know Ruiz gave it back. Ruiz looks around at the goons surrounding them and says he and Galvan will both know.

Good move, Ruiz: give Galvan a reason to kill you. Galvan reaches into the case and tosses Ruiz one of the small bricks, saying it's for whatever Ruiz wants. "A reward." Ruiz thanks him and tosses it back. And then Galvan tosses it right into the crackling fireplace. "Money doesn't buy everything, right?" he says. Ruiz just says goodnight and walks out.

A guard watches closely through a tiny window, while Cross is sitting in a visiting room across from a huge man in an orange jumpsuit. Jim Dobbs is using pastel crayons in his fists as he veritably cranks out pictures. They all seem to depict a woman with long blond hair, wearing a black, full-face mask. Cross touches his drawing hand as tears trickle down her face. Her distress is understandable; how is she ever going to find room on her refrigerator for all of these?

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