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Cross to Bear

"It's the second time you've done this," Gus accuses Ruiz, but Ruiz seriously says the other time was different. Not that we know anything about the other time, aside from the fact that Ruiz is on his second marriage. Gus gets pissed and is about to leave, and when Ruiz stops him, says that Alma doesn't deserve this. Ruiz says that what happens between him and his wife isn't Gus's problem, which is bullshit. Gus says as much, and asks why Ruiz would do this. Now Ruiz wants him to go home, and now Gus refuses, throwing his backpack down. They're swapping positions almost as much as they're swapping between English and Spanish during this scene.

Ruiz finally gets conciliatory, asking his son to go home and help Alma with the girls. Just then Cross comes out, demanding more photos from Ruiz. Not sure why that's his job. Ruiz reintroduces his partner and son to each other for like the third time, and Gus swallows his anger, politely asking Cross how the case is going. She happily says they have a witness and sighs, "I need your dad." "Okay," Gus shrugs on his way out. "Take him." Even Cross is reads that as a little off, and asks Ruiz, "Anything wrong?" "Nope," Ruiz lies. That's good enough for Cross, who, let's face it, would rather be working anyway.

Frye and Mendez are visiting a morgue in Juarez, which looks like an assembly line compared to the American morgues one sees on TV. Coroners are cramped into a row of workstations with their subjects like it's Great Clips or something. As usual, Mendez is doing the talking, and Frye hangs back and does the breathing through the top of his shirt and the shielding his eyes from the autopsies in progress with his free hand. Mendez asks one of the coroners – who has got a body flayed open on the table in front of him -- about Cristina Fuentes. She seems to know more about Cristina's discovery in a death house than the coroner himself does. Which, as he explains, is probably because everyone who worked on that case "has either transferred to another facility…or is dead." Frye can't wait to get out of there: "No comprende but that dude looks tense," he says. He's still got those razor-sharp investigative chops, hasn't he?

Cross and Ruiz are back at work, but not really getting anywhere. Ruiz has already ruled out the possibility of Meadows being a drug user, and suggests that Cross try talking to Gina about something else, saying she needs to get Gina to trust her. "She trusts me," Cross says dismissively. "I'm a cop." Ruiz reacts like that's the funniest thing he's heard all day. Not that he's heard anything else funny lately.

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