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Cross to Bear

Okay, check out this scene; I've never seen anything like it, except possibly in a cell phone commercial. Gus is walking through campus texting with his unseen friend Zina in Laredo, and as he does so, the messages pop up superimposed in the middle of the screen. It's easier to watch than constantly cutting to a close-up of Gus's phone screen, not to mention prettier. Anyway, Gus types, "My Dad doesn't give a shit." The message comes back, "UC ur Hot Gringa Cop?" Gus replies that he's busy, and she's all, "Promise. I'll make you forget ur Gringa next time I c u."

I'm not sure what the point of that scene was other to introduce us to a completely new scene format, so we're not distracted by it later in the season when it comes up again for something that's actually interesting. Is this like when splitscreens were invented to show both sides of a telephone conversation? Not that we ever see telephone conversations in TV or movies any more, but still. Either way, Gus smiles contentedly into the distance with the knowledge that this scene's place in film studies classes is assured for years to come.

Ruiz quietly visits Wade's office to show the lieutenant something he found in Meadows's patient files. "You found me," Wade guesses. Looking at his own file, he sighs heavily and walks around the desk, wondering if Cross knows. He's glad when Ruiz says no, and offers to tell him about it. "If you want to tell me," Ruiz says. I think we all know what the case relates to even before Wade begins the story, and the details fit. The body of an eighteen-year-old girl was found raped and beaten in a ditch (you recall that Cross told Ruiz that her sister was eighteen when she was killed, near a highway). Wade was the investigating officer, as we guessed last week.

There were no parents around (as you'll also recall Cross telling the late judge's husband in the pilot that her mom did drugs), so the victim's fifteen-year-old sister (Cross's age at the time, as she told Ruiz last week) was the one who had to ID the body. Ruiz asks if they found the killer, and Wade says it appeared to be a truck driver named Jim Dobbs (the man whose art is on Cross's fridge, who Cross told Ruiz killed her sister). Wade tracked Dobbs to a hotel near the border, "and if you read the report, it will tell you that he reached for a gun on the nightstand. Reports are funny things." Yes, this one sounds hilarious. Wade says he put a bullet in Dobbs's brain, but not fatally; he mimes the bullet sailing in one temple and out the other. "So now he's got three hots and a cot courtesy of the state. Course, he doesn't know what day it is." Wade volunteered to go to Dr. Meadows out of guilt over what he'd done. Not to Dobbs, but to the sister.

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