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Cross to Bear

"I took away any hope she had of getting answers," he says. He glances out at the bullpen, and it's not until now that Ruiz realizes Wade has been talking about Cross this whole time. Oh, man, with detectives like these, this case is never going to get solved. Wade asks Ruiz to keep it between the two of them, and hands his case folder back, but then decides to keep it after all. Which means Ruiz is likely to forget it about it by tomorrow anyway.

Hot damn, we're back at Monte Flagman's law office. I really was hoping we weren't quit of Lyle Lovett on this show. He hangs the "closed" sign in the window for the benefit of his three visitors: Charlotte, Ray, and Graciela Rivera. Graciela remarks that Charlotte's too skinny for men to like her, which really doesn't seem to be Charlotte's problem. Ray comes to her defense, and Graciela turns to Flagman, who diplomatically but enthusiastically says, "I like women in all their forms." The reason for the meeting is so Charlotte can introduce them to her "partner," Ray. She says that he's going to handle everything related to the tunnel and she wants to know nothing. "And who is Ray?" Graciela asks, giving them both an appraising look. Not that she appears to have any un-appraising looks. "I'm the guy you're dealing with," Ray smirks.

He assures them that he's reliable. "Truth be told, it's not my first dope rodeo." Flagman snaps, "Miss Rivera has no involvement in narcotics of any kind." Ray calls him "Tex" and says he's good at "moving things from here to there." Graciela signals Flagman with one finger, and he makes the other visitors nervous by opening his desk drawer and slowly reaching inside. But it's just to get a note pad so Ray can provide his name, date of birth, and Social Security number. "If everything checks out, it will be just like it was with Karl," Flagman tells Graciela. "But with Ray." Ray hands the pad back, saying, "Nice doing business with you." "We'll see," Graciela says, still with that appraising look. Smacking Charlotte on the ass on their way out, Ray says, "Adios, muchachos."And as a final grace note to Ray's charming visit, Flagman complains to Graciela, "He kept my pen." If it's a lenticular like Flagman's business card, I'd chase that shit down.

Cross is at her desk, winding up to take another run at Gina, but before she does, she opens her bottom right desk drawer. You'll recall that Cooper said something in the pilot about her keeping something weird in there, but we don't get a good look at it; all we can see is the cover of some hand-made artifact like a journal or notebook with a creepy looking skull, a swatch of leopard-print, and the handwritten inscription "you're always in my heart" before she closes the drawer again. Don't worry, I'm sure we'll get another look at it in the next few episodes.

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