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Maria of the Desert

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Out on the road with Cross riding in his shotgun seat, Wade has just gotten off his cell phone with the search team, who are checking out all the oil wells in the area. Cross is all stressed out, saying, "I keep thinking she's going to die alone out there." Wade looks over and notices that Cross is compulsively grasping the lapel of her jacket. "You're thinking about Lisa," he guesses. Lisa must be Cross's late sister, the one she mentioned in passing to Ruiz in the pilot. And of course I said "her" jacket, but for a while now I've been assuming that the jacket Cross wears everywhere belonged to her sister. For one thing, it's got a drawing of a horse on the back of it, and we got a clue in that same scene that Cross's sister liked horses when Cross doesn't. And also, the jacket is pretty much the only thing about Cross that's cool, so it clearly didn't start out as hers. All she says to Wade is, "Nobody came for her either." Wade tells her not to think that way and asks, "You been to see him lately?" Presumably that's the same "him" that the coroner mentioned in the pilot -- possibly their father -- and like her, Wade approves that she hasn't visited, even if she wanted to. "Drove all the way there and couldn't get out of the truck," she confesses. "That's good," Wade says, "'cause there's nothing there for you, Sonya." Cross says she did visit Lisa's grave. "Did you have a happy thought like I told you?" he asks. She says she tried but couldn't pull it off. "She's gone." Wade says that's why Cross has to remember her and hold on. "It's hard," Cross says, wiping away an actual tear that almost makes me not want to add, "That's what she said."

Gedman walks alone to the corner dive, dragging Fausto Galvan's suitcase behind him. He's ditched his jacket and tie so he looks like he's stopping in for a snort on his way to or from the airport, but he's still the best-dressed man in the place, if not the entire neighborhood. The atmosphere inside the van is pretty tense, and when Frye asks what's wrong, all Ruiz can say is, "I don't like this." When Gedman reaches the bar and orders a Diet Coke with lime, the rough-looking bartender gives him a look but starts setting it up. This probably doesn't look suspicious to him at all.

Wade drives his truck over a cattle grate into a field overlooking an oil pump, but a look out the windows tells them Maria's not here. Neither is anybody else staked to the ground, for that matter. According to Wade's phone, Cooper and the search team have nothing to report either, but Wade remembers one more on a ranch somewhere, so they're on their way. It's always the last place you look.

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