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Charlotte's next stop is the pool deck, where Kate is lounging, drinking, and smoking. Having lectured her for drinking last week, Charlotte now takes her to task for smoking. Presumably it'll be lounging next week. In any case, Charlotte wonders when Kate's leaving, so Kate explains that she's sticking around for the reading of the will. "My mother -- Jane was her name?" "I remember her name," Charlotte interrupts. Kate's point is that this used to be her mom's garden. "Your father wanted a pool," Charlotte points out, which Kate remembers well. "That was about the same time my mom was getting chemo. Fun times." Much as she did last week at the funeral, Charlotte grits out that Kate's father loved her very much, even if she clearly can't understand why. Kate points out that her father was incapable of love. "You know that, don't you? You were just the shiny new thing to him. Just like that stupid horse." Charlotte angrily gets up and starts gathering Kate's discarded cigarette butts with her boot, and Kate says, "Let the Mexican pick them up." Just in case we didn't know that we're not supposed to like her. "Her name is Tina and she has other work to do," Charlotte scolds. Kate acts like the mention of Tina just reminded her of something, and tosses Charlotte an item that Tina found in the guest bedroom. Which turns out to be Marco Ruiz's wallet. Smooth, detective. Also, I can't help noticing that Mexican credit cards look a lot like fake ones. The two women regard each other for a moment, but it's pretty clear to both of them that Kate just won this round.

Cross and Ruiz are at the newspaper office, where Frye's coworker Mendez says she hasn't heard from him this morning (and neither has their editor). Didn't he spend the night at her house? I suppose this doesn't necessarily have to be the next day, but that would mean Rio was lying in state for at least 24 hours before Cesar got around to planting him. Cross tries and fails to shame Mendez about the video, it being news and all, but Mendez pushes them a bit too hard when she asks the detectives if she can quiz them off the record. Ruiz leans in and gives her what-for in subtitled Spanish. "This woman is dying out there. Why don't you cooperate? Where is Frye?"

Steven Linder's driving his blue Impala down a desert road until he comes across a rattlesnake basking on the double yellow line. Getting out of his car without closing the door, he uses a long stick to coax the snake over to the shoulder, saying, "That's a bad place to rest, partner." So in addition to whatever else he's up to, he partners with snakes? But maybe he's not as bad as we thought after all, because when he gets back in his car to drive on, there are a pair of women's legs visible in the back seat. And not only are they not severed, they're moving. And they have pants on.

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