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Cross the Line

On the other side of the border, Fausto Galvan is on a rooftop peering into Texas through a pair of high-powered binoculars. You remember him as the cartel boss that Ruiz mentioned to Cross a couple of weeks ago, whose brother's murder he ordered covered up by the police? As we saw in his wanted poster, Galvan has kind of an odd personal aesthetic. On the one hand, he's dressed like a weekend warrior on the way to Home Depot, with jeans and a golf shirt draped over his paunch. On the other, he's wearing a featureless black ball cap that wouldn't look out of place on a SWAT commando. Basically he looks like Your Paramilitary Dad.

When a heavyset and chronically hapless stooge joins him on the roof, Galvan demands a sitrep. The stooge points out all the cops on the border due to the kidnapping victim, but Galvan knows all about that, and wants to know how many of something they've lost. The stooge says five loads, representing three thousand. Whatever that is. Galvan is pissed, and when he asks if there's any more bad news, the stooge reluctantly shows him a newspaper. It's a Spanish-language edition with a picture of Steven Linder's strangled neighbor from two episodes ago. "She was strangled with a noose," Galvan reads. Although neither of them says as much, they're acting like the killer is known to them, if not on Galvan's payroll. The stooge points out more obviousness: "Killing gringos is bad for business. It draws attention." Galvan is not in the mood, and asks what he's going to do. The stooge offers to send someone named Tino, but Galvan says he'll fix it himself, disregarding the stooge's concerns. "Damn gringos," he mutters through his binoculars.

Cross and Ruiz knock on the front door of a pantsless, hungover blonde who confirms that yes, Frye is there, and she's not entirely enchanted by him: "Drank all my vodka, and won't stop talking, and he can't even get it up." Ruiz doesn't look like that would be a problem for him, as the camera pans down the blonde's bare legs along with his gaze, and Cross asks where her pants are. "Bastard said I look fat in them," she explains. "Nope, you look fine," Ruiz says heartily. She wants Frye out of her place, and they're happy to come in and oblige. They head inside and find him passed out on the bed with his clothes and glasses still on, and roust him out. "Hey, Officer Friendly and…Officer Frosty," he greets them without getting up. This must be the reason he was once a successful journalist. Not only can he be passed out drunk in two places at once, but his first utterance on a hungover morning is something other than "Uunghghhnhh." Ruiz hauls him to his feet, and he asks for a second…which he puts to good use by vomiting on his hostess's carpet. I don't think they're going to be having a second date.

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The Bridge




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