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The woman who just got her tunnel back is at a nail salon in Juarez, with her security goon occupying the chair at her left. Fausto Galvan comes strolling in all alone, clearly not the kind of guy who feels awkward in a nail salon. The two crime bosses size each other up for a bit, referring to their last meeting at someone's funeral. Her goon gets up threateningly out of his chair, only to have Galvan throw nail polish remover into his eyes. So that dude's out of commission. His boss barely spares him a glance, all her attention on Galvan. Just the way Galvan wants it. Now that it's just the two of them, Galvan tell her he needs to use her tunnel. She asks what's wrong with his, and he shrugs that two caved in and the DEA found the other. "The cost of doing business," he says. The income of doing business had better be pretty high, then. She wants to know what he needs it for, and he tells her not to ask questions. But she has one anyway, which is what happens if she refuses. Galvan leans down in her face and asks, "Why would you do that? You're a smart woman." He compliments her pedicure and takes his leave with exaggerated politeness. So I think that scene was more to tell us that Galvan was using her tunnel than it was to tell her.

Cross is back at her desk, staring hard at the monitor showing Maria's feed. In the background, Wade is fretting about the hours that have already passed, while Heller, the FBI agent in charge, says they're trying to trace it, but the perp knows what he's doing, technology-wise. Yes, we've noticed that. Meanwhile, Agent Heller wants to know who leaked it in the first place. Cross, Ruiz, and Wade tell him it came through Daniel Frye, who is currently in custody, in possession of his phone, and willing to cooperate, "as soon as he dries out." Heller introduces an Agent Gedman, another uptight-looking fed who will apparently be one doing the drop. Gedman formally claims, "Our suspect has made a demand that is in keeping with his agenda." The others wonder what he means by that, and Gedman says, "The killer wishes to inflame cultural sensitivities. The judge, the immigrants, the money from prominent businessmen who profit from the border." Cross asks how Cristina Fuentes fits into that, and since she doesn't, Gedman shiftily blows that off as a possible practice kill. He insists, "We need to focus on his demands." Cross argues that the killer doesn't want money, and isn't even a kidnapper. "He's already killed eleven people."

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