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Ruiz, Heller, and Gedman are in one of those glass-walled interview rooms with Frye, who is busy massaging his face but seems otherwise pretty sober by this point. He explains how his phone conversations with the killer tend to be pretty one-way. The feds invite him to speculate further, which Ruiz could have warned them against, but too late: Frye describes the killer as a "doer," guessing that he has some mommy issues, "or maybe some Mexican girl broke his heart. Either that or he gets a big fat chubby killing people and messing with cops." Thanks for narrowing it down. Ruiz reminds Frye that a girl is dying out there, and Frye turns around to snot at him, "Not for nothing, but this guy's trying to make a point." He tells the feds that nobody cares about a "brown girl" dying as long as it stays in Mexico. Heller disagrees, so Frye asks them challengingly if the cash has come through. "Because I'm betting that if it was a pretty little coed with blonde hair and perfect teeth and big tits, the money would come raining in by now, bro." In other words, someone like the woman whose carpet Fry befouled earlier today? Heller and Gedman have had enough of his crap, and Gedman threatens to run Frye through the system and "see what pops" after it's all over. Following them out, Ruiz has some advice of his own for Frye: "Try not to be an asshole." I think you're going to have to give Frye a convincing reason for that, Ruiz.

Ruiz finds Cross still at her desk, still watching the feed under the updated headline "Kidnap Victim Clings to Life." Both detectives agree that it's only a matter of hours now, and Ruiz asks her why she's watching. Cross says there must be a way to figure out where she is. "She keeps moving her eyes. It's like she's looking at something." Maybe Cross should practice by playing a few rounds of GeoGuessr. Ruiz suggests she take a break and go for a walk, for the usual reason of leaving a problem and coming back to it. Cross declines, but just then Cooper zooms past with the news that Frye just got the call.

All three detectives, as well as Wade, join the party in the interview room, where Heller and Gedman watch Frye chatting with the killer on speaker with his feet up on the table. He confirms to the killer that he's with the cops, as well as the Feds. "You can always count on them to insert themselves where they're not wanted," the disguised voice editorializes. "They are good at insertion," Frye agrees, earning himself a punitive nudge from Wade. "Names?" the killer asks. With Heller's approval, Frye says their names are Heller and Gedman, and that Gedman will be the one making the drop. "Look forward to meeting him," the voice says, asking if the money has been secured. Heller nods, so Frye obediently lies that it's ready. "That was fast," the voice says, and Frye says the killer got everyone's attention and made his point. "I doubt that. Instructions to follow," the voice says, and disconnects. Wade stresses at Heller to get the money already, and Heller says it's on the way, making excuses about proper channels. Frye wonders why the killer wanted their names, and Heller says something about making a personal connection, building trust, and keeping their word. Good thing the experts are on hand to explain this stuff. Otherwise one might get the idea that the killer had some other reason for knowing who would be at the drop.

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