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Cross the Line

Linder's car appears to be approaching some sort of private religious compound, with Bible scriptures posted on small billboards along the side of the road. The end of which is blocked by a gate decorated with a cross (the Jesus kind, not the Sonya kind) and the words "HE WILL RISE." Linder's bumper taps the gate open, so it's maybe not the most secure compound. He turns around in his seat and mutters, "We've arrived. He's expecting us." And guess who sits up from under a blanket in the back seat: Eva Guerra, last seen in the picture on an ID that Steven Linder dropped into a bonfire. "You prepared for this?" he asks her. "I need you to answer me." She says yes, and he drives on in through the gate into a dusty yard, up to a little house with more scriptures painted along the roof soffits. I'm not sure I'm prepared for this.

Linder gets out of the car, leaving the door open again, and is greeted by Jon Gries, who is now a more grizzled version of Napoleon Dynamite's Uncle Rico. He also hangs around his place dressed in a black tank top, suspenders, a fedora, and a leather apron, with a pistol at his hip, so who the hell knows what he's into. He greets Linder as "Brother Steven," though Linder corrects that they're not brothers, even in the eyes of God. "I don't share your views, Bob. There's nothin'. We're alone in the world. I've seen the void." Wow, heavy. Bob promises to pray for him. "If that makes you feel better, Bob," Linder mutters, which is this month's "Not great, Bob." The two of them head over to the Impala and Linder ushers Eva out of the backseat. He introduces the two and there's some talk about how Eva wants to change her life, and will have a job and a place to live here. Bob holds his arms out expansively, though Eva clearly isn't bowled over by what looks like an abandoned set from target="_blank">Big Love.

Linder asks Bob for a minute with Eva, whom he assures the place is safe. "Hector can't find you here." Hector must be that angry-looking dude with the strangulator. She's not convinced, and Linder says Bob will protect her as well. She asks how long she needs to stay, to which Linder's only answer is, "You can't go back, he'll kill you." Which she knows, and asks what she owes him. Linder gets real uncomfortable and awkwardly mumbles, "a kiss," regretting it almost immediately. But she gives him a peck on one sideburn and says "Gracias." "I will remember that," Linder says contentedly, making me think his spank bank must be pretty overdrawn, and takes his leave. And as Bob offers in Spanish to introduce Eve to the rest of the "flock," she follows him across the yard with only the secondhand clothes on her back. Since that's her only outfit, she'll want to make sure nobody burns it.

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The Bridge




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