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At the police station, the away team is getting ready to head out for the drop. They've learned it's at Ray's Roadhouse, which Wade warns they'll want checked out before they go in. But Gedman doesn't want to take the risk of spooking the killer and insists on keeping everyone else a mile back. While Wade and Ruiz are voicing their doubts, Cross comes up behind Wade, tugs on the back of his shirt, and whispers in his ear, "I know where she is," then hurries primly back in. Wade follows her, promising to catch up with the others. Back at Cross's desk, she tells Wade, "He made a mistake." It's his first, then, and probably not actually a mistake at all. But let's let Cross have her moment. She points out a shadow that's now moving regularly near Maria, which Cross has figured out is cast by an oil pump. Well, that should narrow things down, in Texas. Actually, Wade says there aren't that many around and quickly leads her out of the station, confirming that she already told Detective Cooper and the search team. And I'm sure the FBI will be glad nobody bothered them with this.

While they rush out, Charlotte Millwright walks in. "Can't get enough of us, Ms. Millwright?" Kitty asks her at Reception. When Charlotte says she's looking for Ruiz, Kitty claims he's in a meeting and asks if she can help. Charlotte produces Ruiz's wallet, which Kitty promises to get back to him. Pushing her luck, Charlotte asks when Ruiz will be free. "Seen the news, hon?" Kitty asks, and Charlotte realizes what it's about. "But you can leave a message if it's important," Kitty smirks at her. Charlotte declines, and Kitty watches her go, checking out the ass that got to Ruiz before she did. Man, I hope for Charlotte's sake she can be more discreet about illegal tunnels under her land than she is about her sex partners.

Frye apparently not only gets to ride along to the drop in the FBI van, he's even been loaned an FBI windbreaker like he's supposed to be there. He takes out his notebook and pen, which Ruiz confiscates, promising that he'll get them back later. Frye remarks to Ruiz that isn't about the money for the kidnapper. "My partner thinks the same thing," Ruiz admits. Removing his glasses, Frye asks what's up with Cross anyway. "She's a little short-bus, don't you think?" Ruiz loyally defends the woman who's never done one nice thing for him except get him in trouble at work. Having failed to roast Cross in absentia, Frye now moves on to taunting Ruiz to his face, saying, "So I guess nine bodies in Juarez is a slow day?" Ruiz claims it's getting better, which would cut more ice with Frye if he hadn't very recently seen a murder there for himself. Ruiz says that's probably the cartel, but Frye said it looked random to him. "So does your family live down there? I bet your wife likes that, huh?" Ruiz takes enough offense that Frye actually apologizes, and Ruiz tells him to sit and be quiet. Now Gedman takes a turn at Ruiz, warning him that there will be questions about where the money came from later. "Let's just save this girl," Ruiz grumps at him, which Gedman says is the plan. Good plan.

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The Bridge




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