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Cross to Bear

He exposits that Gates was virulently anti-immigration. Cross says she's on her way now to notify the family. "Tread lightly," he warns, reminding her that it's the middle of the night and there are kids in the house. "Their mother was murdered, there's no other way to say it," Cross shrugs. Hank reminds her to maintain eye contact. "I will," she chirps. After hanging up, Wade asks a woman he addresses as "Miss Kitty" how to work the coffee maker. "I just go to Starbucks," she shrugs. So these people should be able to crack this case in no time.

The eastern sky is starting to lighten as we join Cross in the victim's home, asking the new widower some background questions and maintaining eye contact like Marco Rubio drinking water on-camera. Hubby says he tried to call the judge around 10:30 PM and got no answer. "She was dead by then," Cross says flatly. After his shocked reaction, she remembers to add, "Which is very sad for you." She offers him a glass of water, having clearly been coached at some point that this is a good idea. He's more interested in knowing how his wife was killed. Instead of answering (not that she knows yet), she again offers him water and, when he declines, asks for his phone. He hands it over, saying he doesn't even know how to put password protection on it. She asks about any recent threats, and he says his wife just ruled against some Mexicans prohibiting them from standing on the corner looking for work. Cross decides that this is the time and place for a debate about why that's wrong, and asks whether the late judge was into any affairs or drugs. Offended, the husband points out that she was a mother. "My mother used drugs," Cross points out, not that that explains anything, and Hubby's now had enough. He opens the door, which is a social cue that even Cross is able to interpret. She looks a little sad, like she knows she's blown it but isn't sure how. As she wanders out, she pauses to say, "I'm sorry if I didn't exercise empathy." The irony, of course, is that we're meant to be empathizing with Cross right now. I think now's a good time to stop pretending I hadn't already read that the character has Asperger's Syndrome. I'm hoping that's the main reason this show has been compared to The Killing, which also features a blonde female detective who has trouble getting along with people. The difference, I suppose, is that unlike Linden, Cross has a neurological reason for her behavior. She also has eyelashes.

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