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Cross to Bear

At the station in Juarez, Ruiz has a cute female coworker driving the computer while she searches for records of partial remains and asks how things are at home. It just seems like small talk (only in Spanish, which I suppose would be "hablito"), until she brings up the rumors of his recent "procedure" that has apparently spread through the office. And by procedure, she clearly means vasectomy. Well, that explains why some of his movements have looked so painful. She shares an anecdote from her veterinarian brother about fixed tomcats who go from a "wild predator" to a "fat, sleepy pussy." If she's flirting with him, she's terrible at it. Fortunately for him, she's found a photo of a likely victim: one Christina Fuentes, whom we see smiling out of the monitor in a photo straight out of her Facebook album. He asks his coworker to print it. And to stop talking about his dick already.

In an unnecessarily arty dissolve, Christina's eyes in the photo fade into the headlights of Ruiz's car. Man, this is one long night. It's still dark as Ruiz drives up to a palatial estate, after being waved through the gate by armed guards. He walks up to a parked car, and seems disappointed and a little embarrassed to see a coworker named Hugo sitting behind the wheel, apparently working private security. Ruiz has Hugo get on his walkie-talkie to report that he's here to see the Captain. Hugo is making excuses about how his wife is pregnant again and they need the money, but Ruiz just shrugs and heads on into the party, which is still a very loud, late, well-attended event given that it has to be at least 4:00 AM by now.

Ruiz gingerly walks up the steps to where a cigar-smoking thug is teasing a caged white tiger (warning him, "You're making a dangerous enemy" with what I'm sure will prove rich irony), and proceeds to where the captain, obviously oozing corruption from every pore, is sitting at a poker table with some other gentlemen. The captain teases Ruiz about being up past his bedtime, and Ruiz dutifully informs him about the two half-bodies on the bridge, one of them being from Juarez. He leaves out the part about that half being in the U.S., though. The captain invites him to sit down and join the game, for reasons that I'm sure have nothing to do with wanting his company. Ruiz politely declines, asking for permission to work the case. "That's procedure, no?" One of the men at the table turns to look Ruiz up and down, observing to the captain, "He's dedicated. It's good thing to have men like that." And yet somehow he makes it sound like he's telling Ruiz, "I could easily kill everybody you know with your severed head." The captain waves his approval and dismisses Ruiz, who passes a caged panther on his way out. More symbolism! When will the giant cat be unleashed? And was all animal activity monitored during the making of this film?

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The Bridge




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