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Much as last week's episode opened with Charlotte unearthing a mystery, this one opens with her putting something in the ground. Welcome to the funeral for her husband, Karl. Under the baking sun, ranch foreman Cesar leads Karl's riderless prize horse at the head of the procession, which also includes Charlotte and a young blonde woman (presumably Karl's daughter Kate) riding on the horse-drawn buckboard that's also serving as the hearse. Most of the other mourners are on foot and wearing cowboy hats, so clearly Karl wished to be buried on an episode of Bonanza. The gravestone reads, "Karl Millwright June 27, 1952-July 12, 2013. In other words, the series started on a Friday, which means Cross made poor Ruiz work through the weekend. It also raises the question of why so many people are going around wearing jackets (in Ruiz's case, two sometimes) in Texas in July. Next to the stone is another one reading "Charlotte Fisher Millwright, Beloved Wife of Karl." Huh. No room for dates, either. You'll pardon Charlotte if she doesn't dig a hole in front of it and climb right in. Behind everyone, a woman stands alone unnoticed. Either we'll be seeing more of her later or she's a Harold & Maude fan.

It's also morning over at the scene of the mass poisoning that took place last week. Cross reports to anyone within earshot that the lab determined that the water in the jugs was poisoned with sarin, which Wade correctly calls a nasty trick. She also remarks that the silver bead they discovered at this scene is bigger than the one she found near the judge's car, whatever that means. My theory is that more deaths mean bigger beads. So if she ever finds a silver bowling ball, look out. Ruiz has just gotten off the phone with someone who found out from the older couple (remember, the ones who didn't join the others on their walk?) that ten people set off on foot from the truck. Which leads Wade to point out that with nine dead, there must be a live one somewhere. Ruiz guesses that the female survivor must have made it to the road and gotten picked up. "First a judge and a prostitute, now these poor bastards. It doesn't track," Wade says. Cross agrees that the killer's MO is changing as well, like with the voice message, the video, and as Wade says, a direct call to Daniel Frye. Cross abruptly wanders off, leaving Wade to tell Ruiz, "She does that. Gawn, git after her!" Ruiz gawns.

As for the survivor, the young woman I dubbed Cassandra last week is sleeping under a blanket in the backseat of a moving car. All we can see of the driver are pointy boots at the car's pedals and gloved hands on the steering wheel, despite the apparent heat. She briefly opens her eyes to look up at the sun, then passes out again as one of those boots presses hard on the gas pedal. The irony, to escape poisoning only to be kidnapped by a set of covered extremities.

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