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Cross Him Off the Suspect List

Ruiz exhaustedly wonders aloud where Maria is, and Wade updates the audience by saying, "He has gone silent." Cross agrees, "Unless he calls again, we're waiting on him." Kitty stops by their improvised workspace to take her leave for the day, and Ruiz suddenly remembers to give her the birthday flowers with a suave, "Feliz cumpleaƱos." Kitty is quite charmed, until Ruiz says they're from both him and Cross. Who looks pretty stunned to hear it. After Kitty makes a slightly less gracious exit, Cross demands of Ruiz, "Why did you say that?" Ruiz says it made Kitty happy, which didn't look entirely true. "But they're not from me," Cross insists. Ruiz asks the harm in a white lie, but Cross is still uncomfortable with it. "Sometimes you say things that aren't true to make people feel good," Ruiz explains. Wade nods along, like this is something he's been trying to teach her for years. Cross seems to accept that and goes back to her board of crime scene photos. Maybe it would have been easier for Ruiz to just point out that the flowers were paid for with Cross's money, after all.

That night, Steven Linder is back in Juarez. But this time he's showing homeless people in the alleys his new photo of Marina and asking if they've seen her. And who should appear in the street behind him but the sinister guy who's been looking for him and Eva Guerra? As though Linder knows who he is, he ducks into a dark alcove before the searcher spots him. Linder either chose his hiding place very well or very poorly, because some guy is blowing some other guy in there. They take no notice of him, and when the searcher reaches the alcove and hears a noise inside, he unslings the strangulator he apparently wears on his belt for evenings on the town. But when he sees what's going on in there he turns away with a homophobic remark muttered in Spanish. So he's a killer and a bigot.

Charlotte's in her kitchen, picking at the leftovers from the wake, when Ruiz walks up and taps on her window. He explains that he knocked at the front, and apologizes for the lateness of the hour, but he wanted a word. She lets him in, and they eventually adjourn to the living room where he can see his reflection in her coffee table. This visit isn't about the case, but about the professional fallout he's facing as a result of letting their ambulance cross the bridge. "I don't mind about the complaint," he says, "but some of the officers are reporting I took money from you." Which both he and Charlotte know isn't true, so Ruiz asks her to sign a statement corroborating that. She's happy to do it, and Ruiz gripes that he feels like a school kid asking for a note. Charlotte says rather insensitively that she's surprised anyone cares, since she thought all Mexican cops took bribes. "Not me," he says seriously.

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