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Steven Linder, the symbolism of whose name I have yet to decode, stands outside his trailer in his tighty-whities, then sits down and pours water over his feet into a bucket. Then he puts the lotion on his skin. That last part seems backwards somehow. Whatever the case, that explains why he always looks like this is the closest he ever gets to a shower.

Cross has taken her truck -- and Ruiz -- up to a point on the ridgeline overlooking the scene of the poisoning. "He watched from here," she tells Ruiz. He asks how she knows. "He had to, to know if they died," Cross says. Not sure how that helps them, especially since neither of them seems to be rushing any CSIs up here to cast bootprints. But Ruiz follows the thread of Cross's hypothetical timeline: after the poison had done its work, the killer then called Frye. If he was watching, that means he saw Cassandra get away, and was probably also the one who picked her up. This would all seem pretty tenuous if we hadn't seen that last thing happening for ourselves. Cross looks around, asking if he has binoculars. "Not on me, no," he says a little archly. When she wonders why he's smiling, he mutters, "It's a joke." Which she doesn't get, but she thinly returns his smile anyway because she figures that's what she's supposed to do. "Who lives there?" she asks suddenly, seeing a trailer parked further up the hill. Naaaw, couldn't be.

Down at the crime scene, the FBI and Border Patrol have finally showed up. Three episodes in, after Wade and Cross spent most of the pilot expecting them to swoop in at any second. In any case, they're here now, and as they all walk purposefully towards God knows where with Detective Tim Cooper and his mustache keeping pace, Wade is trying to keep them from totally bogarting the case while accepting their help to find the missing Cassandra. There's also that goofy deputy who found the judge's car, though Wade doesn't know that yet, and he trots up to suggest putting out an APB and checking hospitals. Wade does a double-take and introduces himself, and we learn the deputy's name is Manny Stokes. Which means we can probably count on him to stir up a number of figurative conflagrations at some point. "Something wrong with your hat," Wade points out, and Deputy Stokes sheepishly turns it around so it's facing forward. He reminds Wade, "Of course, you probably know I found Judge Gates." "You found half of her," Cooper corrects, which Stokes cheerfully says is accurate. Wade tells everyone to meet at "our house," meaning El Paso PD, and assigns Cooper and Stokes to man the New Mexico checkpoint together (turns out El Paso borders both Mexicos, as a brief visit to Google Maps just informed me). Wade acts impressed with the Deputy's wherewithal, but as soon as Stokes heads to his car like he's been called to the big leagues, Wade mutters to Cooper, "Get him talking. Don't share too much information." "This is our coyote killer?" Cooper asks. Wade confirms it. "Shows up at the darnedest times," he adds. Cooper's on it. I don't know why he gets all the shit jobs.

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