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Instead of getting up and smacking him, Wade says that the police will talk to Frye first in the event of any new developments. The editor asks if Wade has one handy (earning herself a dirty look from Frye), and Wade just happens to: one of the migrants survived and is missing. They think she walked to the road and got picked up. "By him," the editor guesses, with even fewer clues pointing that way than Cross and Ruiz had earlier. Wade isn't prepared to go that far, nor does he have a name for the missing woman. He does, however, have a contact in Juarez. "Maybe you'll get further than we did," he says, handing Frye a sheet of paper. Considering how keen Frye was to leave a minute ago, he now seems slightly more reluctant now that he knows where he's going from here.

Cross is driving Ruiz back to the station, and he asks out of nowhere, "Why does he leave beads?" Cross guesses that it's to let them know it's the same guy. Ruiz sighs extravagantly, prompting Cross to observe that he does that a lot. He agrees that he does, when he's upset, and offers to tell her why that's the case right now. "Okay," she says nervously. Ruiz tells her about an email he just got from the Attorney General in Mexico City, taking him to task for letting the ambulance pass over the bridge and supposedly compromising the crime scene. Per Cross's formal complaint. "There are rules," Cross says, slightly more understandingly than she said those words to Charlotte on the bridge when her husband was dying. Ruiz asks Cross what it'll take for her to drop it, and she refuses. "No worries, I'll deal with it myself," he sighs, and tells her to pull over so he can get Kitty some flowers for her birthday. Yes, the same Kitty he just met a few days ago. When Cross pulls up next to a roadside flower stand, Ruiz gets out, but comes right back, asking Cross if she has any American money. "Yes," she says, not taking either of her hands off the wheel. Ruiz asks to borrow some, which she readily agrees to so that Ruiz can begin his business transaction with the Spanish-speaking flower vendor. Anything for a break from talking to Cross, I guess.

As Charlotte watches the last of the guests drive away from the wake, she sees the unfamiliar woman from before standing by the corral, admiring Karl's horse and talking to it in Spanish as it canters around inside. Charlotte comes up to her, telling her its private property. The woman knows the horse's name (which is Rio), and tells Charlotte, "You and I spoke on the phone. Briefly." Charlotte clearly remembers the call on Karl's secret cell phone, and the woman who hung up as soon as she answered. "You sent that lawyer," she also realizes. "I understand you didn't enjoy the casserole," the woman says. Charlotte says she told Flagman the deal with Karl was over, but the visitor was hoping to talk to Charlotte, "woman to woman." Charlotte says Karl wasn't who she thought she was, and she needs to figure out her life now. Well, now she's invited the woman into her head, and the woman makes herself right at home there. "You're scared," the woman diagnoses. "This is your ranch now. Your land." "Yes," Charlotte agrees. "So we'll be partners," the woman concludes. "No," Charlotte says, saying she's not like her. But the woman disagrees: "You were poor and you did shit things to pull yourself up again. And you're not going back." Charlotte insists that the tunnel has to go. "Okay, then," the woman says in Spanish, and tells the horse, "Goodbye, handsome." Charlotte should have maybe noticed how final that sounded. I certainly did, and I was going by the subtitles.

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