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In the middle of this pissing contest, Charlotte Millwright of all people has just entered the station. She introduces herself to Kitty, saying someone called for her husband. Ruiz jumps up and introduces himself to Charlotte. Of course they remember each other from the bridge, and she explains that her husband was one of the people mentioned by the killer. "His name came up in a case," Cross interjects, having wandered away from the briefing. "He's dead," Charlotte tells her. Cross: "Oh." Ruiz expresses his heartfelt sympathies, only to have Cross say coldly to Charlotte, "We'll need to talk to you, then." Charlotte's only willing to talk to Ruiz, which isn't surprising considering the way things went down on the night these three first met. Cross is about to return to the briefing, but on her way back she spots a new homicide case on Kitty's desk -- a strangling. So already, El Paso has more than doubled its annual homicide rate just in the past week. Cross checks the folder and recognizes it as Steven Linder's address. Well, technically his neighbor's address, across the hall. This case is just crackling along now, isn't it?

Ruiz is interviewing Charlotte by the vending machines, because it's not like he has a workspace here. She tells him Karl didn't know Judge Gates, and that while they didn't spend time in Juarez, they occasionally drove through to get to horse shows in Mexico. Ruiz asks her about Karl's feelings on immigration. "I think he thought it was okay," Charlotte says, not saying anything about the tunnel between her ranch and Mexico. And you know, if she were ever going to mention it, I'd think that would have been the ideal opening. Ruiz explains how Karl's name came up for a ransom demand. "I can't read a dead man's mind, but I don't think he'd want me to fork over a quarter million dollars," Charlotte says. Wait a minute -- when did Ruiz mention an amount? Anyway, he says the reason they called was to see if there was any personal connection to the case. "My husband didn't tell me everything," Charlotte says. "That's what I'm finding out." He again says he's sorry, and she just gazes blankly into the vending machine, clearly thinking that there's not enough light in this alcove for her to need to bother acting right now anyway.

Marco's wife Alma is at work, apparently in the administrative office at a university. A white, English-speaking dude comes in and shows her some paperwork showing that their son Gus has dropped another class and is now down to two. "I hate to rat a kid out, but if he was mine, I'd want to know," the guy says. As soon as he leaves, Alma picks up her phone, dials, and leaves a voice mail for Ruiz, saying she's bringing Gus by after work because she's worried. Spoiler: this will not fix that.

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