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Steven Linder's at work at the homeless shelter, puttering around and what not, when his coworker barks at him that the cops are there. He turns away as if to sneak out, but Cross and Ruiz are already at the end of the hall, Cross calling his name. She has him confirm his address and that he knows Wanda Cunningham, the strangling victim from last week. "Did you know she's dead?" Ruiz asks. "No, no I didn't," Linder mumbles, clearly no longer thinking about running. Must have been a relief to have the cops show up asking about something he didn't do. Still, Cross says Linder needs to come with them, and he goes peacefully. But Cross has noticed something falling out of his pocket without Linder realizing it, and she picks it up before following him and Ruiz out of the building. And probably not because she knows he'll want it back.

Soon they have him in an interrogation room at the station, with Wade watching through the one-way glass. Linder actually looks pretty pained when he learns his neighbor was strangled, and asks, "Is her cat okay?" Instead of answering, Cross asks him where he was yesterday, and he says he was at his trailer. Cross mentions that's being searched right now. "Don't know why," Linder shrugs, playing it pretty cool. Cross tells him about their search for a missing Mexican girl who came over the border and disappeared. "You know a girl like that?" Ruiz asks. Linder denies it, because he probably knows exactly what happened to Eva Guerra, who technically disappeared before she came over the border. Cross asks if he knows Daniel Frye, which he says he doesn't, and then presses, "You didn't call him today?" "I wouldn't call him if I don't know who he is," Linder says, sincerely confused. Cross asks if she can check his phone, and Linder refuses, as is his right.

Ruiz tells him about the burnt clothes they found. Linder says he burns all his trash, and Cross asks why women's clothes were in there. Linder smirks, prompting Ruiz to lean forward, demanding, "Excuse me, is something funny here?" Cross slaps down the picture Linder dropped earlier and asks who it is. "Why?" "Because you're carrying her picture around with you." He asks if that's illegal, as someone always does on every cop show, and claims that it's his sister. He says her name is Marina and that he hasn't seen her in fifteen years. Apparently they grew up in separate foster homes. Well, this character is certainly a glowing endorsement for the foster system. Although we shouldn't read too much into one guy. Sometimes you get an Erin from Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12Next

The Bridge




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