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"I'm just a person who helps people," he says. Ruiz asks if he also picks up girls on the road and takes them to his trailer with bars on the windows. "That's for safety, sir," Linder claims, and Ruiz snaps. "Would you like your face broken? Your fingers snapped off?" he yells. Wade has seen enough to decide that the Bad Cop/Asperger's Cop thing isn't working, and he comes in to dismiss Ruiz with a curt, "Marco." After Ruiz leaves without so much as a "Polo," Cross asks Linder, "Do you have her?" Linder says no, and Cross says, "Because the person who does killed nine other people, and a judge, and a poor girl from Juarez." Linder knows all this, but denies being that person. And I have to admit, he doesn't really seem together enough to pull all that off, unless there's some kind of disassociate personality disorder in play here.

Wade cuts him loose, and Linder asks for the photo back. Although Cross was clearly about to put it in the case file, she slides it across the table to him. "I can see you're very upset," he tells Cross. That's a clear indication that he must have MRI-vision, because Cross is at about a two right now, even if her scale only goes up to five. "I would be too if I was looking for a lost girl," Linder adds. "You are," Cross says, confusing Linder for a moment. She takes a long, loud, luxurious gulp of her coffee and clarifies, "You are looking for a lost girl, right?" Linder looks at the photo in his hand and agrees. "Well, I hope we all find what we're looking for." And he's out, walking past Ruiz in the bullpen with his photo in his hand, looking back at him a little skittishly.

When Cross and Wade join Ruiz, Cross accuses him of having made it worse, but Ruiz insists, "You have to shake up an asshole like that." And see what kind of shit comes out? Wade points out that they don't have anything on Linder, and what's more, Cross believes him. Which may not mean much, because Cross can read people about as well as I can read Spanish. Ruiz tells Wade that Cross is wrong and Linder's up to something. "Well, let's prove it," Wade invites, leaving Ruiz to heave one of his trademark extravagant sighs. I think we all know they've already got enough on their plates without trying to pin something on every weirdo who buttons his Cowboy Curtis shirts to his chin and burns women's clothes out in the desert.

Just then Ruiz's wife and Gus come walking into the station, surprising Ruiz, who clearly didn't check his voice mail. The elder Ruizes exchange greetings and kisses in Spanish, and she tells him they only have five minutes because Gus is meeting some friends. Seems like Gus is already getting his way enough as it is. Ruiz starts to lead his wife over to meet Cross, as she whispers that Gus dropped another class today: "I don't know what he's doing with his time." I'm sure it's perfectly innocuous. Ruiz puts that off for now, because he really wants to introduce Alma and Gus to Cross. There are tight smiles all around, except for Gus, who smirks lecherously at Cross, "And you are partners? Damn." Not helping, Gus. Cross announces that she's going back to her desk, and makes the three-step journey while Gus continues to stare at her. "She's pretty," Alma says to Ruiz as he leads her away. "Very pretty." Sure, if you like a young-Jessica-Lange type and don't mind being uncomfortable all the time.

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