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Cross Talk
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In some dark underground bunker somewhere, Fausto Galvan is watching his stooge operate a cash-counting machine and reading the El Paso Times in English. However, the following scene takes place entirely in subtitled Spanish as Galvan reads that it's been two days since Agent Gedman's death, but nobody thinks the killer is done yet. "Gringos," the cartel employee sighs, shaking his head sadly at all the senseless violence north of the border. Galvan shows his stooge the screaming headline with the words "serial killer" and asks his henchman what the term means. As if American pop culture doesn't penetrate south of Galvan's trademark black baseball cap.

The henchman explains that a serial killer is someone who kills lots of people, so at least someone in this room owns a TV. Galvan points out that lots of people kill lots of people, including soldiers, terrorists, presidents, and himself. So is Galvan a serial killer? In the tone of a husband telling his wife she doesn't look fat in that dress, the stooge calls Galvan a businessman. He also assures him that serial killers are crazy and indulge in rape, mutilation, and cannibalism, as well as certain other sexual depredations.

Indeed, I have noticed that sexualization of this show's murder victims has thus far been an almost glaring omission, but now this scene makes sure everyone else has noticed it too. Meanwhile, Galvan thinks he's figured out what makes a serial killer: they enjoy it. Having apparently satisfied himself on this score, Galvan picks a handgun up off the table and carries it into the next room. Like a businessman.

It was there a profoundly unfortunate gentleman has been secured to a chair with what looks like most of a roll of duct tape. And from the looks of him, that's far from the worst thing that has happened to him down here. Galvan demands to know where the prisoner's cousin Calaca is, whoever that might be. The prisoner says he only knows that his cousin is in El Paso, "following a gringo…the one that stole his girlfriend.." So that would be Hector the Strangulator, then.

Galvan demands to know who Calaca is after, but his victim claims ignorance and doesn't give up the name "Linder" until the muzzle of Galvan's gun is under his jaw. Galvan and his stooge seem satisfied with this intelligence, and Galvan orders his stooge to "Find me that asshole Linder." Then, before turning back and shooting his victim three times, he adds, "I don't enjoy this." We could tell.

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