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Cross Talk

Ruiz finds Charlotte at a diner called the Hearts Coffee Shop, which can't help. It's kind of unusual for Charlotte to show up so late in the episode. They quickly get down to business as Charlotte asks Ruiz if he knows Graciela Rivera. So I guess Charlotte learned her name, even if we don't know when or how. Ruiz says everyone in Juarez knows her, and Charlotte says she's "mixed up with her." "No, no, you don't want that," Ruiz tells her, like this is breaking news. She tells him about what happened to her horse the night Ruiz was "…over…" and Ruiz isn't surprised. "She'll burn your life down," he warns.

Charlotte asks what to do, and Ruiz shakes his head and tells her to wait. "Power like hers, it snuffs itself out." He suggests a year or two until it's over. "So I just let her move these people through my land?" she asks ,which is more than Ruiz wants to hear. In fact, he literally plugs his ears and says, "Don't tell me too much, please." Charlotte says something about taking the long view, and he tells her to live her life. She asks how his life his. "A little rough," he says, like a man who spent the previous night sleeping on a bench in the back. She thanks him for meeting her and takes his hand as though inviting an encore, but he says, "I have to take the long view too," and moves his hands off the table. Charlotte gets the message. People miles away get the message. People in Houston get the message.

Gina is still sitting on that stoop in Juarez when a young local guy comes up, looks around to make sure she's unaccompanied, and asks her in Spanish what she's doing there. After almost passing her by on his way into the building, he switches to English and invites her up. "I got beer," he says. So she follows him up the steps. All good things come to those who wait, if "a good thing" means "sketchy weirdos who facilitate underage drinking."

Ruiz returns to the station, and Cross asks where he was. "Charlotte Millwright," he answers shortly. "More sex?" Cross asks. Offended, Ruiz says no. But when Cross comes out and asks, "Did you steal Daniel Frye's phone?" he quotes the phone's owner: "Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies." Cross says that's against the law, and despite not being asked another question, Ruiz lies that he might have taken it by mistake or found it. Cross decides she's made him squirm enough, because her uptight nature loses out to her excitement over the killer's call, which she tells Ruiz about. "The FBI knew about Cristina and the video. That's what they've been hiding."

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