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Cross Talk

Ruiz is in Cross' studio apartment, examining the primitive but creepy pastels that we saw taped to her refrigerator a few weeks ago. Cross comes out of the bathroom dressed for bed, and they both settle in -- she in her bed, and he on the sofa on the other side of the partial dividing wall. Before turning off the lamp next to the couch, Ruiz asks Cross who did the drawings. "Jim Dobbs," Cross says into her pillow, like he should know who that is. He observes that the pictures look like the work of a child. "He's not a child. He's brain damaged," Cross says.

Ruiz asks how she knows him, and Cross takes her time sitting up, getting her profile positioned just right in the half-light, and slowly turning to Ruiz before saying, "He killed my sister." After a long pause, Ruiz asks when she died. It was when Cross was fifteen, which is longer ago than I would have guessed. Her sister -- who I still assume from last week's conversation was named Lisa -- was an eighteen-year-old truck stop waitress at the time. "There was lots of violence of the highways and rest stops and such," she says, nodding matter-of-factly. That leads Ruiz to ask if it was a violent death, which was maybe not the most sensitive follow-up question. Rather than answering, Cross puts her head back down, signaling the end of the conversation. Ruiz says she must miss her, and Cross says without drama, "Sometimes. But she's gone." So, more back story next week, then? In which we will presumably learn that the investigating officer in the case was a detective named Hank Wade? Just spit balling here.

Walking through Juarez at night, Gina asks Esme what Mando's plan was, and Esme says he was going to kidnap Gina, stick her in a trunk, and ransom her to her parents. "They do that here," she says. They've arrived at a yard surrounded by a chain link fence, where a small grove of pink-painted crosses has sprouted, marking the site where eight dead girls were found. Obviously this isn't the show's first reference to crosses like this -- there's a group of them shown in the title sequence, and the killer mentioned them in the voice message he left in Daniel Frye's car -- but it's the most direct one.

"He got them," Esme says. Who did, now? "La Bestia, The Beast." Off Gina's confused look, she clarifies, "That's what we call him. The one who's killing all the girls." Gina asks if it's one person, but Esme says nobody knows whether it's one, two, or a hundred. "So he's just…the Beast." Well, not to worry, because the Chihuahua State Police are on the case. Wouldn't it be annoying to be from a state whose name people associate with a ridiculous little dog? I mean, it's bad enough living in Minnesota, which makes people think of a ridiculous little NFL team.

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