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And it gets worse. That night, Alma waits for Ruiz in bed. He comes in off the patio, and as he starts to take his pants off, his wallet falls out of his pocket and onto the floor. Slick move, that. He picks it up, but the significance has not escaped Alma, who asks, "That always happens, right?" Ruiz plays innocent, but it turns out that he's not the only detective in the family: Alma has figured out that he slept with Charlotte. At least he doesn't waste a lot of time trying to deny it. Alma kicks him out, ignoring his protests that they're about to have a baby, as well she should. Ruiz gathers his stuff and slouches all hangdog out of the house. Women can be so unreasonable.

When Cross arrives at the El Paso police station the next morning, Cross notices a white, teenaged girl waiting in one of the chairs. According to Kitty, she was nabbed for shoplifting the night before and has yet to be picked up by any form of parental unit. Cross then encounters Cooper, who nods toward the interview room that the FBI guys have annexed and says that the "nut-huggers" are bogarting all the information on Gedman. Cooper does tell Cross that they found another bead inside the suitcase full of cash, bigger than the previous one. There goes my theory about bead size correlating to the number of bodies. He follows Cross to the door of the interview room and watches as she knocks on it and asks Agent Heller for Gedman's file. Except it's Cross, so "asks" isn't quite the right word.

Heller shoots her down, even when Cross reminds the viewers that Gedman took the killer's video of Cristina Fuentes, marking not only their first link between two victims but also their only lead. Not counting Maria, I take it. "You'll get your chance," Heller says, closing the door in her face. "Like I said, nut-huggers," Cooper says to Cross. Then they're joined by Ruiz, who looks rumpled and out of sorts and as though he's been awake for less time than Cross has been in the office.

She asks where he's been, and he says in back. "Sleeping?" Cross asks. Ruiz grumpily confirms it, and as she wanders off, Cooper gives Ruiz both his sympathies and a cup of coffee. Cooper might be okay after all, even if the ends of his mustache are on track to touch each other behind his head by the end of the season.

While Cross busies herself with adding more photos to the growing mystery-board near her desk, Ruiz has just learned that Steven Linder is no longer being followed, and he's not being quiet about it. Cross says Linder's no longer a person of interest, but Ruiz insists that he's going to "find this pendejo." After he leaves, Cooper explains to a confused Cross, "He got the toss last night. He needs to go get mad at somebody." "Oh, okay," Cross says, almost as though she understands. So apparently nobody has a problem with law enforcement officers taking out their personal problems on civilians who aren't even in their jurisdiction? Being a cop has its perks, I guess.

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