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Ruiz then goes to meet Cross at the hospital, where she tells him that Maria is talking. He casually hands her his ill-gotten gains, telling her around a mouthful of lunch that it's Daniel Frye's phone. "How did you get it?" asks Detective There Are Rules, but Ruiz is already heading into the next scene. In this one, Maria -- her face red and blistered aside from the rectangle around her mouth that was covered by the duct tape -- tells them in Spanish that she walked toward the road and saw a car. Cross tells Ruiz to ask her what the car looked like, as though we didn't already see her reading and speaking Spanish for herself in the pilot. Maria reaches for Cross, who recoils, and begs them not to send her back. She says she needs to get to Houston, because she has a baby there. And all she has to do is cross the largest state in the lower 48, or roughly the distance from Paris to Istanbul (that might be an exaggeration).

"What is she saying?" Cross asks, apparently having also forgotten that she speaks Spanish. Ruiz tells her to hold on and then says to Maria, "Don't say anything until they offer you asylum." Maria agrees, and then Ruiz tells Cross, "She wants asylum." Because you told Maria to ask for it, Marco. And when Cross remembers that she knows Spanish too, she's going to be pissed.

Alma appears to be taking a break outside at work with her Anglo coworker Kenny. He notices that something's up with her, and she admits that she and her husband are "not doing well." Gus slouches up to them, and Alma introduces her stepson to her coworker. "She brags about you all the time," Kenny says. Realizing he's not breaking any ice, Kenny heads back inside. Gus seems to know what's going on with his parents, and is pretty upset with his dad, who he says doesn't think of anyone but himself. Alma makes sure Gus knows he's not also in trouble, and that he can stay at the house. If this is to set the stage for a romantic subplot between Gus and Alma, I think I'm happier not knowing what the point of the scene was.

The shoplifter apparently gets tired of wandering the streets of Juarez, so she pulls her hood up and sits down on a stoop to wait for…nothing, I guess. Stellar plan. Maybe she thought that if shoplifting didn't get her enough attention from her parents, an international incident will. Now all she has to do is wait for one to happen along.

Cross and Ruiz step into Wade's office, where Cross makes Ruiz tell the boss that Maria wants asylum before she talks. "She has information but he encouraged her to wait," Cross tattles, having remembered her Spanish on the way over. Too bad she didn't instead internalize Ruiz's earlier lesson about partners looking out for each other. Wade isn't as upset about this as Cross clearly hoped, saying he knows someone at Homeland Security. Kitty pulls Ruiz out of the office, telling him that Charlotte Millwright has called for him twice. Ruiz says he'll call her back, and asks why Kitty's giving him that look. "Nothing," she says. "Just seen it too many times." Didn't keep you from digging the flowers he gave you, though, did it Judgy?

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