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Cross Talk

Under cover of night, Steven Linder drives his car around to the back of his apartment building, beneath his second-story window. Then he heads back inside, painfully wrestles Calaca's stiffening corpse to the windowsill, and pushes it out, where it crashes noisily onto the hood of his car below. "Oh, Jesus," Linder moans, looking around from his window for witnesses. He is terrible at this. Everyone knows that you back your car up to the building and open the trunk. And also that the heavy thing you load into it should not be a human being you killed.

Cross is still at the nearly empty El Paso PD, watching her mystery board like it's a sunset, when an unfamiliar ringtone sounds. She digs in her jacket pocket and finds Frye's phone. When she answers it, the caller turns out to be some giggling party girl, complete with party in the background, asking for "Danny Frye." Cross hangs up without identifying herself. Almost immediately, the phone rings again, and this time it's the disguised voice saying, "Daniel?" Cross says, "Sonya Cross, El Paso PD."

The call is instantly disconnected. Cross hisses at the phone to call back, but the next ringing she hears comes from her desk phone. After hesitating, she runs over to answer it and says again, "Sonya Cross, El Paso PD." The voice says, "You're working late." "Yes," Cross says. The voice asks how Cross got the phone. "You don't like surprises," she observes. No, I would think someone who put his plans in motion three years ago can't really afford to. "You talk as if you know me," the voice says. "I understand you," Cross says. "I've been studying you. And eventually I will find you." "We'll see," the voice says calmly. Cross notes that the caller knew Ralph Gedman.

"Better than others," the caller agrees. "You knew his secrets," Cross pushes. The voice says he showed what Gedman was. Cross asks how the caller got the video with Christina Fuentes. "I'm not special," the voice says. Rather than disputing that obvious falsehood, Cross says that wasn't the question, so the voice clarifies: "If I knew, others knew. Institutions know. And they ignore. And they protect." Cross asks, "Gedman's institution? The FBI?" The caller seems to have made his point, because he hangs up. Not to split hairs, but I don't think the "protect" part went so well.

Also late that night, Wade is paying a visit to his contact at immigration. From their small talk, we learn that Wade and his wife Carmen have a son serving in Afghanistan, which may be important at some point. One never knows what's going to be a clue on a show like this, so one doesn't want to miss anything, which can make for slow going . Wade asks the immigration official for help with a visa for Maria, and when she protests that her department isn't after the killer, Wade points out that "Homeland Security doesn't want him out there making political statements about the border, gettin' people all riled up." She agrees to try, and he asks her to try right now. "Jeez, you're bossy," she says. "Not always," he winks, and gratefully leaves her to it.

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