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Cross Purposes
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Starting with a flashback this week. Six years ago exactly, according to the subtitle. We're in a loud (but basic cable-friendly) strip club, where the goings-on include a younger Daniel Frye snorting coke off a glass table, sans trousers. He grabs a stripper and yells manically about how he can't feel his dick, but at least he's still together enough to wonder where his pants are. The dude he's there with -- a rich young Mexican man by the name of Santi -- throws money at a large bouncer, who actually takes off his trousers and gives them to Frye. Turns out that back then Frye spoke a bit more Spanish than he does now…about as much as I do, in fact. Either that or he just enjoys jubilantly shouting, "¡PANTALONES!" But then, who doesn't? Hell, I shouted "¡PANTALONES!" at my son every morning for the first eight years of his life. Now, alas, he gets dressed without being told.

As the party continues, the younger Frye and Santi are heading out to Santi's car to make a drug run across the border. At least until Frye, whose new, much larger pants keep falling down on him, realizes that his passport is in his other "¡PANTALONES!" See? Even when it's bad news, you can't be unhappy when you're shouting that word. So Santi gets in his sports car and goes careening down the street sideways, tires squealing until he's completely out of sight. Frye's left standing there in his too-large pants, and instead of going back inside to wait, he suddenly walks away, looking dead inside. Even though he seemed to be having a great time up until a few seconds ago, it's almost as though he expects Santi to have some kind of terrible car accident, the way he was just driving.

After the credits and a few establishing shots of present-day El Paso, we're in an actual windowless interrogation room at the police station. Who knew they had one of those? I thought they just used the all-purpose, glass-walled room off the bull pen for everything. Which does explain why this room looks like nobody's been in it since the night Daniel Frye lost his ¡PANTALONES! Lieutenant Wade asks the arrested suspect, Jack Childress, if the 33 illegal weapons found at his home are in preparation for the end times or something. "Dialectics is my answer," Childress says unhelpfully. Well, thanks for clearing that up, L. Ron Stubborn.

Wade reminds him of all the charges against him, including cop-killing, as well as some other bodies. Oh, right, is someone going to ask him about the specific killings they were investigating him for in the first place? Cross, sitting across the table from Childress, finally starts rattling off names: "Lorraine Gates. Cristina Fuentes. Gina Meadows." Childress claims not to know them, and when Cross says they're testing his bone saw for DNA, Childress tells them to go right ahead because that isn't his either. "Someone put them there?" Cross wonders, half-skeptically. Childress is still going on about strangers invading his land, either leaving behind or stealing who knows what. Wade brings up the car found at Peter Meadows' house, which Childress says was also stolen from him. Wade points out that he didn't report it, but Childress isn't really the reporting kind.

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