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Cross Purposes

TAFKAK ends up in the men's room two urinals down from Santi, Jr. As they finish up and wash their hands at the sinks, TAFKAK casually remarks to Santi, "You don't recognize me, do you?" SANTI doesn't, which doesn't surprise TAFKAK. "Maybe you didn't check the papers," he shrugs, adding, "After what you did." Santi is about to blow him off until TAFKAK whips out a switchblade and grabs him from behind, putting the knife to his throat. "There was a hit and run on the Bridge of the Americas February 10th, 2007." Oh, dear. Whatever Santi was going to say in response gets literally cut off when TFKAK slashes his throat open. He's doing the talking here, clearly. "You were driving like an asshole does. Clipped a Honda from behind. Flipped it. My wife was driving that car. My son was in the back. They were both crushed." Watching the life drain from Santi's eyes in the mirror, he finishes, "You took my whole life away. And just drove on. Like it didn't matter at all." So I guess now they're even.

This also explains Daniel Frye's connection, assuming this accident occurred on the night we saw at the beginning of the episode. It also explains why Santi might have denied knowing Frye, but it doesn't yet explain how Frye's connection became known to the killer. But I'm sure that'll be cleared up later. For now, TAFKAK lowers Junior in his blood-soaked shirt to the floor, somehow having slaughtered him like a hog without having gotten a drop on his own suit. After carefully and purposefully crouching over the body for a moment, he straightens up, looks at his blood-covered hand, and slaps it onto the mirror, leaving the best print ever. Seriously, I'm pretty sure the actor who plays him just got into AFIS when this aired.

By the time the ads are over, the bathroom is a full-fledged crime scene, with cops and ambulances outside and crime scene photographers in the bathroom, snapping pictures and stepping around the puddle of blood. Pretty much the opposite of the lackadaisical investigations Ruiz has been describing as characteristic of the Chihuahua State Police. He, Wade, and Cross arrive and take in the body still lying there -- with a big old silver bead on the bloody shirt. Cross crouches down for a closer look, while Wade gets a load of the bloody hand print on the mirror and wryly observes, "He's not hiding any more." Ruiz's captain is on the scene, explaining the number of uniforms by telling Ruiz, "They killed a rich kid at his own party." Still in Spanish, Ruiz offers to introduce Captain Robles (not Rojas, as I mistakenly said in a previous recap) to "My boss." Which almost seems calculated to piss off el capitán.

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