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Cross Purposes

Indeed, Robles points at Wade and says, "This cocky American is not your boss. I am your boss." Wade's been staring at the floor amiably waiting for the exchange to end, so Ruiz quickly introduces Captain Robles to Lieutenant Wade. The two commanders shake hands, and Robles switches to English to remark that Wade's serial killer has crossed into Mexico. "Yep," Wade agrees. "This cocky American would like very much to see that bead." Oops, look who brought the Spanish. Robles is unfazed, remarking that he heard they already have someone in custody for these killings. "I guess everyone makes mistakes," he smirks. Wade says he'd like his detectives to collect the bead, but Robles winks and says, "You can trust my people," and wanders over to talk to some of them. I think we've gotten very little evidence that we can trust Robles's people at all, including, in some ways, Ruiz. "Esta cabron [asshole]," Wade mutters to himself, and follows Robles to try again.

Meanwhile, Ruiz has joined Cross as she crouches over the body, and takes a closer look at that silver bead, the biggest one yet. There's some kind of raised design on it like a snake or a dragon, and a flashback to years ago lets us know that Ruiz realizes that he's seen it before. On a necklace, while it was swinging over his face, as a woman was riding him in bed. Not Alma, either. Jeez, Ruiz, is there any neuro-typical woman you won't fuck? Afterward, she lay in his arms and said she loved him. Back in the present, Ruiz curses, and is overcome. Cross shifts her clinical curiosity to him as his gorge rises, and he races to throw up in the sink. Though he doesn't quite make it. He's fond of the expression about how soup falls from the bowl to the mouth, but right now it's falling all over the damn place. "Hey, you're contaminating the crime scene!" Cross protests, in outrage. Ruiz staggers out of the bathroom, followed by Wade with a towel. Cross is left standing there more annoyed than upset, let alone all that concerned by what might be wrong with her partner. Which, as we've just learned, is plenty.

Outside, she finds him sitting alone on a bench at the base of a support column. Don't ask me where Wade wandered off to, or what Ruiz said to get rid of him. With unusual empathy for her, Cross leans against a cop car and waits until he looks up at her and says, "I knew Jill Tate." "Friend?" Cross asks, already knowing the answer. "More than that," Ruiz says delicately. "Sex," she says indelicately. Ruiz admits, "We had an affair when I was friends with David." Oh, COME ON, Ruiz. Obviously the vasectomy was not only too late, it didn't take enough off. She says he should have told her that, and Ruiz says he didn't think it mattered. Well, it seems pretty fucking relevant now, don't you think? Given that David Tate almost certainly believes Ruiz at least partly responsible for getting his wife and son killed? I mean, it certainly explains a great deal. Cross says they need to tell the others, but Cross begs her not to, admitting that he was wrong to not tell her. She wearily sits next to him, and asks, "Were you still seeing her when she died in the hit and run?" Ruiz says he was, and Cross realizes, "You're the man across the bridge." Yeah, the rest of us got there when you were still in the bathroom, Cross.

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The Bridge




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