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Cross Purposes

I would also remind everyone, as I did last week, that the killer -- if indeed it is someone other than Childress -- has already demonstrated that he's not averse to driving other people's vehicles to his crime scenes, as Daniel Frye well knows. Cross asks why he wanted to shoot Ruiz. "Equilibrium," Childress says, which I must confess sounds like some of the nonsense the killer has spouted in his messages and phone calls. Cross reminds Childress that he had a chance to kill Ruiz back in the warehouse, and just kicked him instead. Right in the ¡PANTALONES! if memory serves. But just when it looks like we're about to find out whether or not Childress really is the killer, Childress suddenly comes over all weary, saying his brain needs a rest. "Why not shoot him then?" Cross presses, but Childress is shut down. Because, you know, we have to stretch this ambiguity out for as long as possible.

Across the border, Ruiz lets himself into his house, so at least the locks haven't been changed yet. The only person at home is Gus, who tells Ruiz that the girls are at their grandmother's as he cleans up after a meal. Ruiz also notices a dress hanging up in a plastic bag, which Gus says Alma will be wearing to a party. Gus has heard about the arrest. Ruiz confirms it and asks in Spanish, "You proud of your father?" Gus's answer, in English: "Your marriage is falling apart. Congrats." Ruiz tells him it's going to be fine, but Gus says this is how it started with his mom, barely seeing his dad after the divorce. "I was…working," Ruiz says lamely, cutting zero ice. Probably because he's obviously lying.

Gus brings up a red bike that Ruiz got him for his tenth birthday, which got run over by a van, and he now confesses that he left it in the street on purpose. Ruiz is offended by this waste of a good bicycle, but he seems to get it when Gus says that a bike wasn't what he wanted. Ruiz confesses that he wasn't there for him, but that Gus will understand when he has kids of his own that it's not easy. "You sound like my friend Zina," Gus says. Ruiz heartily approves of Gus chasing after that yet-to-be-seen cutie, but Gus laughs and says she's just a friend. Also, she's in Laredo, so keep up, Ruiz. He tries to get Gus to agree talk to him more, which Gus seems open to. Ruiz almost goes in for a hug, then pulls back at the last minute and does a little fake-boxing instead, which is worse than not going for the hug at all. Yikes, I can see why he's been putting this off. Cross could have made a better connection with the kid.

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