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Cross Purposes

Cross is at her desk going through some files, and the name David Tate keeps popping up. All excited, Cross gets up to look for Wade, only to run into Kitty and cause her to get food on herself. She ignores Kitty's fretting about her favorite blouse as she goes on about how two is a coincidence but three is not. "No argument there," Kitty grumbles, as though Cross has ruined three of her outfits now. Ruiz shows up, and Kitty tells him that he'll be wanted at the press conference. "And your girl's on some new shit today." Please never go away again, Kitty. Ruiz proceeds to Cross's desk, and she carries the files she just found over to the work table near her Mystery Board, saying that they have a new "person of interest." She thinks Childress is being set up. "By who?" Ruiz wonders. Cross tells him that an ex-FBI agent confiscated Childress's notebooks years ago and never returned them.

That same agent also used to be Ralph Gedman's partner, back in 2006. And he was a patient of Dr. Meadows, the dead cop psychiatrist. "That's three direct links in an hour," Cross says. "All roads lead back to David Tate." Which happens to be a name that Ruiz knows. "We worked together in a task force," Ruiz says. This, by my count, now makes it four direct links. Cross wonders if Tate fits the profile. "Doesn't matter," Ruiz says, getting on my nerves for pooh-poohing Cross's theory almost before he's heard it. But then he explains, "David Tate's dead." Well, that actually takes some of the wind out of Cross's sails.

At the El Paso Times, Frye is not only back at work but upright. Mendez finds him watching the news monitors and asks how he's feeling. "Like a guy who just had a big-ass seizure," he grumps at her. And the reason he's at work instead of at home is to keep himself distracted. He digs something out of one of the lower strata of detritus on his desk and hands it to her: it's an invite to an event celebrating the opening of something called Biblioteca Sol. Doesn't that mean "Sun Library?" Did this show just veer into science fiction? Anyway, Frye is letting Mendez cover it in his place, as a fun little puff piece. Also, Frye says, "If I go, I will drink. A lot."

Mendez wonders if this is the new Daniel, and he says, "I hate him," and tells her to have fun. He also tells her that his old friend, the club owner Santi, Jr., will be there, and advises her not to get seduced by him. "I've seen him turn a lot of gay girls straight," he warns. So this isn't a completely new version of Frye, just a minor upgrade. Frye 1.02, if you will, which retains enough of the legacy features for Mendez to still call him a dick. "Wear a dress, you got a nice ass," Frye adds loudly as she heads over to her desk. "A sober dick," Mendez amends as she sits at her own desk, "but a dick." She doesn't seem to completely mean it, though. Well, maybe the sober part she means.

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