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Cross Purposes

So here's Ray, on his "errand," dragging one of those crates down the tunnel. It's even trickier given that he's using one hand to hold the flashlight. He's also cursing Tim's name with such color and imagination that he neglects to avoid running over his foot with the crate. All that stuff about Satan's cock would have been more impressive if it included some semblance of coordination.

Even after his near-fatal encounter with Fausto Galvan last week, Steven Linder makes the spectacularly stupid move of returning to his apartment. He sits down to remove his zip-up boots, then senses that someone else is in there. He heads into the kitchen with one boot raised as a possible defensive weapon, but lowers it when he sees that Eva Guerra is in there, offering him a glass of milk and asking in Spanish, "Are you thirsty, my king?" Oh, and I should mention that she's in her underwear, talking about how she wants to take care of him and repay what she owes him. I would think this is obviously some kind of fantasy or dream, but who drinks milk in their fantasies?

After she kisses him -- a real kiss, mind you, not a peck on one furry cheek -- He has a vision of Fausto Galvan laughing in his face. But after he blinks, Eva's back. She climbs into his lap, but then Galvan is back again, laughing harder than ever. So in addition to all the people he's murdered, he's a boner-killer as well. Not entirely surprisingly, his Linder's clock radio wakes him up at 3 PM, revealing that he's been sleeping not only armed, but fully dressed. I don't know how he can relax with the top button of his shirt fastened like that. Also, it seems to me that the best protection he can provide himself with right now is a razor…which he should use on himself. Shave off those sideburns and nobody will recognize him. Or at least they'll stop doing double-takes and wondering, "What's up with that guy?" And after accomplishing that, maybe he can work on losing the Jimmy-Stewart-on-Thorazine voice.

Cross is paying a solo visit-slash-interview to David Tate's sister-in-law, who never saw the body before giving the go-ahead for its cremation. Cross goes back further, asking why her sister -- David Tate's late wife -- was going to Juarez that late at night in the first place. "Cheating, per usual," is the matter-of-fact answer. Apparently Mrs. Tate was in love with a guy on the other side of the bridge. "But she had her ten-year-old in the car with her," Cross points out. Yeah, that's a little weird. The SIL speculates that her late sister had a fight with David, and she grabbed the kid and headed to Juarez. "Never made it," Cross says. Now the sister-in-law feels guilty about shit-talking the dead. "It's okay to have bad memories," Cross says. "Well, thanks," the SIL says snarks. And it was going so well there.

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