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Cross Purposes

Mendez is at home, being helped into her dress by her mom and getting teased by one of her sisters, mainly about Frye and whether he's her boyfriend yet. When she says she's going to Santiago Sol's library opening, her mom's all excited, referring to him as the pride of Mexico. "And his top engineer is killing girls from Juarez," Mendez adds. Wait, did we know this before? Her mom dismisses it as gossip, and her sister has more, saying that Sol's son, Santi, Jr. once dated Jennifer Lopez. One might conclude that this is the same Santi that Frye was hanging out with at the beginning of the episode, and one would be correct. Mendez's sister heads out for work after coming in for some ribbing of her own, but not before her mom says she'll pick her up at the bus stop and Mendez warns her not to walk alone. So she's dead. Mendez's mom is still on the subject of Mendez needing to find a boyfriend, saying God won't forgive her if she doesn't. Forgive her for what? Senora Mendez's God sounds kind of uptight.

At the library opening that evening, everyone's dressed all fancy, including Ruiz's wife Alma and her new paramour Kenny, who are in attendance. As employees of the university, I suppose. At least, officially. She talks about how easy he is to be with, and he says that the sex wasn't just sex for him the other day. Nor was it for her. Do you suppose they drank a lot of milk too?

Linder shows up at work for the graveyard shift at the shelter, as per usual. His coworker, Darcy, is already on her way out, going on about her mother's latest fall and too distracted to notice that he's even more high-strung than usual. "Wow, you going to church?" she asks, getting a belated look at his completely usual (for him) appearance. Linder presses on, saying that weird stuff has been going on and he has a monkey on his back. He asks for a few days, saying he has to take a trip. Shooting him down, she asks if it's about that girl -- the one whose picture he carries. Linder says it's not that, but "feelings and thoughts that I need to sort out." Wait, what? How about being a fugitive from a murderous cartel boss? That seems a little more urgent. She tells him to sort them out while he's bleaching the floor and starts to head out, but he roars "no" and says he "can't be of service at this time." And with that he walks out. After that, I don't imagine he'll get to be of service here at a future time, either.

After her latest humiliation, Cross is sitting in the lobby at the station, rocking back and forth with her head in her hands. A visitor shows up at the security desk -- Gus, Ruiz's son. Cross thinks he's looking for his dad, but he's here to see her. Oh, this can't be good. He asks if she got the chocolates. "That was you?" she asks. He parks his ass in the chair next to hers, and she says she doesn't eat chocolate. The list of foods she does like must be a short one. He congratulates her on the arrest, and her obvious and preexisting discomfort is augmented as she says that she doesn't think Ruiz would approve of Gus sending her things. "I've been getting to know him and I just don't think he would like that." Gus says he doesn't have to know, so Cross tells him she doesn't like secrets either. This may come up again later.

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