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Cross Purposes

Gus admits that it was crazy of him to think she might like him back. "I'm not good with that," Cross stammers, by which she means "people," and "closeness." Gus asks why not, because apparently he's not much better. Still avoiding his eyes like she has been for most of this scene, Cross seems on the verge of telling him specifically why not, but settles for saying that she just doesn't know what people want. "When to talk, when not to talk, or, when to walk away." Gus thinks that's hard for everyone. "Like the dummy who gave you the candy you didn't want," he jokes ruefully. She actually laughs at that, and looks at him for the first time, but only to take her leave as she heads back into work. "See you around," she says. Well, Cross, be encouraged; that was a good time to walk away.

The party's in full swing at the library: with music and dancing and drinking and all those other things that usually happen in a library. Mendez weaves alone through the crowd, draining her glass and spotting Santi, Jr. Who is indeed the same Santi from Frye's past. He spots her right back and comes over, remarking about how boring this all is, even though she isn't bored at all. With the ice broken, she says that she knows who his father is, and adds that he's famous too. "At least to my fifteen-year-old sister." Santi says he has to show up at these things so his dad can skip them. Then he imperiously summons a waiter to replace her empty glass with a full one, and asks her how he knows her.

Mendez says they have a friend in common: Daniel Frye. Santi claims not to know him, but Mendez says Frye said they were buddies, and she's even seen a picture of Frye on Santi's boat. Santi blows that off, saying lots of people have been on his boat. There's something fishy about the way he's denying any connection with Daniel Frye, but he doesn't care; he gets in close, asking Mendez, "You want to get out of here?" "No," Mendez says. Junior gives an offended little smile at that and moves right along without another word. Time's a-wasting, after all.

Ray returns to the Charlotte end of the tunnel to find Charlotte herself standing there in the basement, looking deeply unimpressed. He compliments her new hair, and she coldly asks, "What are you doing?" Locking up the tunnel, Ray claims he's just taking care of business, and that the heavy duffel bag he's carrying is full of laundry. It may well need some laundering, at that. Charlotte says she knows that he and Tim are running some "stupid scheme." Ray reacts to the word "stupid" like Otto in A Fish Called Wanda, totally tipping his hand. Charlotte says she wants them both to be legit, which is a tall order given what they're up to here and given who Ray clearly is. "Done," Ray says. "Has ol' Ray-Ray ever let you down?" "A million times," she says. So maybe you should have called someone else, then. Ray chuckles and tries to get a kiss, only to have her turn away and order, "Get Tim out of my pool house." All things considered, she took that pretty well. And she didn't even ask for any ice cream.

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The Bridge




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